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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Peppy Perky: It's all about the frills


    Imagine if you could buy something without the cost of a store front, the pesky sales person and probably whatever that keeps the price tag up. Imagine if you have found the perfect panties that not only look amazingly cool but quality (great) too? I have found Heaven Girls, in the form of a online store called Peppy Perky & while wearing my pink polka dotted panties that I just paid RM15 for. I shyly & proudly say that..
    Cotton Lace Collection | Flying Heart RM10
    only at Peppy-Perky.com

    Obviously I should be stoned to death for being so happy about buying panties. You know it's not easy to find pretty panties my size *cough cough* and Peppy Perky has sizes from xs-xl (and from UK 8-18). I don't even need to say how cheap affordable the panties are and girls, they're as good as your branded cotton panties. Sounds too good to be true? take it from your local bargain hunter that Peppy Perky's wheres it at.

    my panties haul from rm10-15 each (some buy 2 for rm15)
    Quality Fashion Wear At Fair Prices
    Peppy Perky's Online Store

    Being so obsessed with talking about hauling panties that can last me for a year, I fail to point out that Peppy Perky is not just selling panties. They're also selling a range of items from children clothing, panties to Men's jeans, hair accessories, cute bags like the one below! All for a fair price! I got this Giant Denim Bag which is cool & artsy!
    cool, creative & artsy denim bag RM90
    Printed Tote Bag | Happy Times

    Printed Tote Bag | Kuma Bear Bag

    Stripes Tote Bag

    Printed Tote Bag | Going Mad

    Printed Tote Bag | Piggie RM35

    Ferera Bags RM30
    Urban Denim Jeans & Urban Craze Corduroy Jeans
    Children Pajama & Denim Short Tall
    Denim Handbag RM90

    Hey if anyone is interested to get some cute panties or Christmas gifts for their kids or friends, you'll be happy to know that as my blog reader you can get additional 10% discount* on your purchase from Peppy Perky by e-mailing sales@peppy-perky.com.my to verify as my reader for the discount & then register an account to start shopping online! Check out their website here. Also I will be organizing a "shopping team" to attack the place soon. Anyone interested let me know! OH and if u have email, pls leave a comment about it!

    *not applicable for on going promotions.

    ABOUT | Peppy-Perky
    Peppy-Perky website was founded with one aim in mind. Be a happy customer when shopping. With over 30 years experience in serving the international fashion markets, we have set a goal to Re-“Defy” the customer experience by providing quality fashion wear at fair prices.
    • “DEFY” the retail norms. Welcome to Peppy-Perky Online Store. The world wide web is our only store front.
    • “DEFY” Sky High Prices – We have strived to remove the biggest retailing cost, the store front, and pass back those savings to our customers.
    • “Re-DEFY” expectations. Be prepared to pamper yourself with elegantly styled and luxuriously sewn fashion wears and accessories. We pride ourselves for putting in the extra tender love and care in ensuring our products exceed customer expectations.
    • “Re-DEFY” Feedback –Share with us your ideas via our fan page on Facebook.
    • “Re-DEFY” Guarantee – Rest assured, Peppy-Perky products are of the highest quality. Give us a try and be amazed. All items shipped to our customers are carefully scrutinized for defects to ensure you only get the best.
    • “Re-DEFY” Returns – If the size does not fit, simply return in exchange for the correct size, subject to availability * (terms and conditions apply, please refer to the Exchange & Returns Section)


    21-9, The Boulevard
    Midvalley City
    Lingkaran Syed Putra
    59200 Kuala Lumpur

    Tel: +(60) 03 2283 3632
    Fax: +(60) 03 2283 2663

    Email: sales@peppy-perky.com.my


    1. Wow the panties look very nice n the bear bag rm35 only??? Y so cheap!? Ike ur haul!!!

    2. lol panties atk?

      no wonder la my christmas present from you is a bunch of panties that hopefully when i lose more weight can wear ler. ur expectation on my size overated d

    3. wah and their jeans look nice oh!!! those black denims does it still look as good in bigger size =S

    4. thanks miu for introducing the page. bestnye!

    5. anonymous: thanks, yap very cheap coz no store front.

    6. omg!! what a great find! love you for introducing this ... now i no need to pay RM30 for a xixili panties yeahhhh

    7. Carol: it's not xmas present. It's panties for u wear. Wah.. i bought wrong size? hope u can wear soon k k. They got bigger sizes.. u give me back the panties lah.

    8. Lisa: wow.. u spend rm30 for xixili panties? that's very atas class panties. U gotta try this one n see comparison b4 u buy :D

    9. miu thx for u good sharing! i like those panties alot ! rfrf

    10. yay i registered already!!..the 10% off is permanent one wohooo...thanks miu mmuuahh

    11. permanent one but not for bargain already punya item T_T

      gratz lisa!! u r panties freakk

    12. Now I understand your status in gtalk.. on panties.. hehe.
      Haiyah... got Piggie tote bag.. now I need to get it to maintain my theme. haha.. too bad not free piggy keychain too. Lol
      How come you wrote it as RM30 and the website is RM35?

    13. oh yeah forgot tell u ah.. for plusizekitten readers who email in to peppy perky can get 10% discount permanently!

      so the bag mah rm31.50 after discount woohooo

    14. Piggi: knew u gona only see piggie bag.. purposely put there for u to see hahaha...

      no piggie keychain.. but got bear mah.. u can add ur own piggie toy on it

    15. Hey Miu, how's the quality like?

    16. miu : gal la....i like tony leung XD

      i wan to join the team if u wan to shop there , my email is hui__kun@hotmail.com :)

    17. The tote bags are so cute!!!!!


      (my laptop spoiled...T.T)

    18. sido: OOH no wonder got his pic.. i was like.. who is this lengchai.. now only know it's tony leung.. pic small i cant c clearly.

      i will email u yap!

    19. Jean: yeah they r cute.. i am tempted

    20. miu i was thinking on buying wat size of panties, since i wearing M to L in la senza, wat's ur advice?

    21. Cool... grrrrrrr.... I loves those panties... I want!! Sure they got plus size??? ;-p

    22. sido: hmm what's your measurement yap! scare to say what's ur size.. later not fit.. u kill me. This Sat come join our shoppin team to go there attack the office.

    23. Sherry: ya T_T they got other types too... got dog one.. also.. like bagpack..

    24. Cath J: got but need see the stock got or not for that particular design. U can check out their websites :D

      dun forget email them to get 10% discount b4 buying yapp

    25. why is it call branded inspired? can i go to the office to see also? very hard buy size.. need see the panties..first

    26. sure sure come join our shoppin team tomorrow, we're goin at 2pm to check out bargains and panties.

      i can explain to u tomorrow :D

    27. the panties so cute.. checked out the site, the bags are nice too..

      but can't join shopping team tmrw.. :(

    28. dun worry next week goin again with buaya wing lol!

    29. Miu,

      are they selling the same designs at their store?

      i feel like i wanna rob all their panties, tee hee!

    30. Laura: yeap :) and there's a lot more assorted clearance ones. I think i have 30 panties now.. lol.. if they're disposable.. 1 month can last? hahaha


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