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  • Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil Freebie!


    Look Look! Shu Uemura Card!

    TADAH! it's a free cleansing oil sample!
    (a few choices available)

    While at KLCC Isetan for lunch, I pass by my trusty Shu Uemura counter & fill up the star wishes that they owe me for my last purchase. Suddenly something new caught my eye on the table. It's cards! and they're so pretty. I adore design & packaging so I like to keep unique/pretty stuffs like this. The SA said I could have it, so I took one, opened it and OMG there's a Shu Uemura Cleansing oil sample in it. The card is a brilliant idea imho. There's the range and description of the cleansing oil Shu Uemura has and how to use it. I like this sample idea. It's very detail. I am not sure if any other Shu Uemura counter has it, but if you're near KLCC Isetan dropby and have a look.

    FYI today, 1 bottle of Cleansing Oil is sold every 20 seconds in the world. If you have not tried it yet, then this is one good reason to grab one sample :)


    1. Mmmm... 'Oil' cleanser??? Nvr tried b4.. may be need to take a sample soon.. ^_^

    2. Oh..Din see that when I was there today..
      Tried their cleansing oil but dunno why just not really like it..
      told a SA in Shu Uemura, Pavilion bout my feeling, she said it might because I use in wrong way wor..but I use exactly as she said still not very like..= ="

    3. cath j: oh go n try see nice or not.

    4. Jean: I saw at the urm... near the cleansing oil table b4 i went back. Which cleansing oil u using now or what kinda product u use to remove make up? :D

    5. I using saloon brand - tifafine.
      it's a taiwan brand but france product.
      very nice, not oily at all.. even when i mix it in water, it will mixed will and the water will not be oily, plus, it look like plain water after mixed.
      if u test with other brand oil remover, for sxx uxxxxx, it will create a oil layer on the water surface. for boxxx bxxxx, it will mixed with the water too but the water become milky color.
      I learn those testing when I was in a facial treatment class..^^
      but the price much expensive..

      *i not sure this comment shud be posted out or not..so if u think not suitable, just delete la ya..^^

    6. facial treatment class!!! interesting !!! how about rmk's cleansing oil, did u test yet.

      I am now using a few cleansing oil according to my mood. I have:

      Shu Uemura
      beauty Olive Oil from Japan

      Fancyl - no.1 cleansing oil voted in Taiwan/Japan. It's gentle but i find it hard to remove waterproof mascara.

      RMK - nice, does not leave oily residue like Shu but can't use on eyes due to the minty ingredient.

      Shu Uemura - i use to remove everything and need to wash face at least 5 times then won't oily feel.

      Beauty Manon Olive Oil - pure olive oil can use everywhere in body lol.. very dam expensive.. i use during winter time in australia.

    7. Never try the RMK one yet.. Maybe will try someday~^^
      Olive Oil is good..The one I use also olive oil one..so expensive.. RM3xx for a normal size..
      I got sample for it..maybe got chance den let u try and see..^^

    8. i think the shu 1 quite oily too
      but...why is was so famous ar?

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