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  • Isetan: Anna Sui Perfect Christmas Gift Set


    So tempting unfortunately I already put a stop on Anna sui coz it's so hard to collect everything! sigh. This latest Christmas Gift Set is so tempting but you gotta pay RM700 on the spot to get it. I asked a few questions yesterday at Anna Sui Isetan KLCC. I know there's a lot Anna Sui Freaks out there! are u all considering about this? what is your thoughts? good deal? will u buy? will u pay rm700?!

    Me: So when the voucher expire?
    SA: end of this month.

    Me: OMG? so fast expire? have to use rm700 this month *shock face*
    SA: Yes.

    Me: so I get this vanity case & bag and RM700?
    SA: Yes

    Me: so do I qualify to get other GWP/freebies when I come back to use my voucher?
    SA: No, the vanity case & the bag is the GWP already.

    Me: *sad*


    1. the pouch cute wor..but RM700 is too much lo..

    2. wah.. so much..to pay.. its too much la.

    3. ya,
      if RM700 for annually, Maybe Yes..
      but For December only , 100% NO!
      Too Pricey !

    4. nope..it's way to pricey. It's just a gimmick to attract ppl to spend more this holiday season. I don't really need it anyway, for me at least.

    5. wah ....700.......tempting hor........>_<""....the bag look poshy...........

    6. ya---

      just keep the money for something better that comes along..

      it's after all, if this promotion doesn't work, they will write another promo.

      its how the marketing guys want to write-- don't worry. so if christmas can't gt, then get before easter. LOL.


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