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Sneak Peek: Kiehl's Xmas Party

fun night! tired! will edit tomorrow! show me your pics too!


  1. U gals are such cam-whores!! but darn cute ones LOL

    I grab goodie bag, ate and cabut , *embarassed* to go to parkson event upstairs.

  2. ur pic from the photographer site!!

  3. hi there. =) saw u there too...haha..bit shy to speak up thou..anyway, we all had fun!

  4. Should've asked them where they got the Chocolate Cake from.. It was sooo yummy!! *drool*

  5. Wah looks fun! What goodie bag did they give this time? Shop looked quite empty. You all partied outside?

    No names of people in the pics? The miss in the pink blouse looks like my friend. Who is that ne?

  6. Interesting...

    Sad was not called for confirmation to this event.. perhaps nxt time.. T_T

  7. me too saw u there,just shy to say hello

  8. harlloo---

    first time my "face" appeared in your blog le....


  9. Many nice photos u hv ^^
    nice to meet u surprise u can recognized me...
    i had post abt tis party in my blog too, full of photos, not much words too...haha
    the photos ady shown it's fun thr~

    @pigita: u did went to tis party oso ar? din saw u at all...cabut so fast

  10. aww i miss out the fun~~
    clashes with my other appointment T.T

    so what are the doorgifts?
    you girls are havin loads of goodtime! even the finger food are Christmasy theme..daisuki!!

    I MUST GO FOR KHIEL'S party next round ;) mental note..


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