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Kotex Luxe Roadshow


Kotex Luxe Road Show at 1utama Old Wing

Foya at 1utama yesterday night, on way to taxi stand saw the black & pink themed Kotex Luxe roadshow event at old wing concourse area until this weekend (with more cool activities). Kotex is promoting their latest New Fusion Techonology Kotex pads that combines the dryness of a net cover pad and softness of a cotton cover pad.

Combining Dryness & Comfort with just 1 pad
No More Compromises!

A lot of word to describe a new pad don't you think? basically it's new pads that comfy & absorbs well & has cotton wings instead of plastic wings (good for those sensitive to plastic wings). I still remember my classmate from school complaining to me that her pad gives her rashes and she's allergic to them.

my kotex luxe haul aprox RM18++
(lucky draw prize: Melinda Looi bag)

Their roadshow has some pretty nifty stuffs for shopaholics. First you can check out the Kotex Luxe pads (have a feel) and if you're itching to purchase make sure to get their limited edition tin can 5pcs starter pack RM3.90 which is a black & fuchsia packaged tin can fill with fuchsia covered pads. Their night time pads is worth a look too, it's so big! (kekeke) RM15.90 for 14pcs.

lucky draw prizes sony digital camera! guess watch!
melinda looi kotex bag & kotex pads

and with every RM18 purchase of Kotex Luxe you're entitle to a lucky draw on the spot, guarantee a gift. The grand prize is a Sony Digital Camera! (which I don't think they're going to make it easy for anyone to win), Guess watch, Melinda Looi designer Kotex bag and Kotex pads. I got the Melinda Looi designer Kotex bag lol!!! The quality of the bag is so-so only.

christmas tree decorated with lucky draw cards
(purchase RM18 above can get 1 lucky draw)

contest forms boxes

also with any purchase of Kotex Luxe, you can enter the DAY & NIGHT Contest to win Melinda Looi's dresses! whoopeee 7 winners! this contest is until February so I am predicting that it's going to be pretty tough to win this.

omg the dresses are awesome

love this one!!! arrghh just give it to me!

Attention freebieholics! you might want to check out Kotex Luxe website to get the free limited edition 5pcs tin can and a sample as well (but the page is not ready yet). Click here Kotex Luxe Website.


  1. Arghh..I wish I can go too..
    Saw the ads on Jan's Cleo, I wannt get that RM3.90 Tin!!!
    Will there be any kotex roadshow around KL??


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