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Miu's Kitty Cat Party Bash!


omg! surprised birthday cake!

OMG u girls were awesome! Thanks for coming & thanks for the birthday gifts! Thanks to Shu Uemura for the party & Thanks to Frederick for my wonderful cat makeup! Big Thanks to Shirley for making this happen and my surprised birthday cat jelly cake!!! I'm waiting for the awesome pics so that I can blog about this!

Congratulations to Stellar for winning the Best Cat Costume & Party Make Up Contest, Su Ling & Waternymph for runner up!

Thanks to Kitty for the pink crown & my birthday gift a Tsumori Chisato Venus Pink lipstick!
Thanks to Fatin for the surprise Loccitane set gift!
Thanks to Abby for the Tsumori Chisato Jupiter Brown lipstick birthday gift!

Once I get the posing pictures from the paparazzi, the online Kitty Cat Voting contest will be up! ^__^ so those who didn't win the party contest, don't worry. There's still the online contest!


    we say saengil cukha hamnida in korean!

  2. It was great..
    But I din get to "interact" with u more cox u seems busy larr...XD
    I bought sth too, and got the small pouch at last! now I have the large and small together liao..XD

  3. I want to see more photo!!!!! since I am far far and far away!

  4. wah.. you look so cute.. MEoW :D

    yumy jelly there...

  5. great fantabulous party.......love love it.......HEPI BIRDAY miu......^.^.........verey exciting party......very organise n nice......

  6. MIU is the best co-organizer EVER!hugss
    i sang the loudest for ya ..cue was given by shirley lol she is a mighty & incredible PR lady..very the pro

    Its one hell of a fabulous event~~
    its like a dream come true for beauty & makeup addict party!!
    i get to use all SHU hit items...on our own free will with beautiful SAs assisting us...and surrounded by so many amazing KITTIES

    i was mesmerized by Frederick's magical hand casting a bling bling Xmas kitty loook on you~~ WOW i pick up a trick or two...woohoo

    My 1st blogger meeting with all of the wonderful ladies were a night to remember!
    so much warmth, laughters, creativity, talents~~~impressive**

    LASTLY, i'm extremely honored & happy to be able to bagged the goodie hamper~~~ luv luv luv the black box filled with SHU Uemura bestsellers..i'm a makeup junkie lol**

    the DOOR GIFTSS *screaming jumping for joy!! an elegant black.red makeup case with 3 traveler's size white recovery range!!

    the gifts with purchase were AWESOME! i got my paws on the LE pouch alas !! my undying passion for starssss - comes with 7 miniature best sellers~~ OMG OMG

    finally am convinced to get the lippie..venus PINK! smuaksss
    a ribbon planet for my supportive sister~~ *blushing
    black smudge eyeliner pot~~once you used it..i'd fallen ..we keep screaming eyeliner eyeliner pot & brush..where where LOL
    & a feathery fake lashies~~
    anything worn by Lavinia (SA) i'm convinced *giggle

    Once again a big thank you to Miu & Shu Uemura for an unforgettable partteh

    theboys are editing the photos, once its ready i'll send you the link to pickup

    girls lets rock ON!

  7. 15 chics + Kitty costumes + Shu & Miu + Food = Amazing Party!!

  8. Love that expression on your face love the ears and love the cake.... would it be over using the word if I said I hoped you felt the Love from all how know you! Hope you are having fun, you deserve it!

  9. jamie: I was truly shocked when Shirley, Shu PR announced there's another winner. And I was waiting n looked around.. then a cake pop out with the kitty man holding it!!! OMG if i could cry.. lol..

  10. Miu..agree with Stella...u r d best co-organiser!
    Stella...ur bf and ur paparazzi team really made our day!!!its like HOLLYWOOD 5-STAR TREATMENT..d flash lighting...gosh...

  11. I'm confused-lah Miu, how many birthdays do u have in a year? LOL~

    BTW, that's a very cute cake! Too sayang to eat it up.

  12. My =^3^= party part 2 already up there :_


    I Very very excited untill now!!


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