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The Picture Company: Free Potrait for OneCard Members


SHIOK-nya! I was salivating outside this newly opened shop at One Utama New Wing. Ok it's been open for a month or so and I heard they're giving away free 5R potraits for OneCard Members. The promotion been extended till 31/12/09 which means U got until next week to go redeem your free potrait from The Picture Company. Oh yes I hear all the freebieholics going "omg".

sample album - aww cute baby!

I think they're targeted to people with babies
(but hey they do solo/group/family pics too)

like this one here which I really want to do!

the Picture Company at One Utama New Wing

Had a chat with their friendly SA, she showed me albums, told me about their member promotion, how their rates is and then asked if I was a One Card Member? coz I could get a 5R picture taken for free and if I want to print it bigger, just pay rm68 (only for this time, coz normally u gotta pay photo fees+picture charges). Anyone want to attack this place with me? let's start the new year with pretty pictures *giggles*


  1. me me!!!! but i am super duper bz tis week T_T..probably nex week? v mus dress up n make up sui sui!!!!

  2. me too! looks fun! sadly i'm not onecard member.. :(

  3. Wow, I'm ONE Card member,
    so what's the procedure, do i need to call up for the free photo shooting?
    Thanks babe!
    Joyful Christmas &
    Blessed New Year 2010 =]

  4. Hey Lilian, ya u gotta go make appointment for photo shoot :)

    if walk in, and got ppl in line then.. have to wait long long long..

    Merry Christmas to u too!

  5. Me me me, but then I'm not a member too :( Can we all tag along and do a group shot? Haha. Love your big big room btw. It's huge, spacey :) Me likes.


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