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Shu Uemura's Kitty Cat Christmas Party for Miu & Followers!


and everyone says "MEOW!"

Miu's Kitty Cat Party Group Photos
(thanks to Stellar's BF for snapping pics!)

There's just too many photos to choose from! We're all spoiled for choices! This is the best party I have ever been too and everyone is so pretty!!! They say Malaysians don't follow party dress code! WELL THEY'RE WRONG! Thank you Kitty Cats for being awesomely sporting & beautiful!

I ordered Crescent Moon & Assorted Colored Balloons
(Helium Balloons from Balloon Buzz One Utama)

the party guests arrived 7pm

Stellar & Miu in wishful thoughts

Masurin, CandyliciousCat, Lavinia, Stellar & Agnes

Fatin, Kitty, Janice, Stellar & Babygirl

Buaya Wing, Stellar & Tutu J

catman, fatin, masurin, kitty & candylicious cat

buaya wing, candy & janice

baby kitty taysir & diva kitty

Wendy, Jean & Waternymph

the Cat Babysitter team hired to feed the kitties

big thanks to Christopher Cinta Ria Cafe for the
Cat Inspired Refreshments for our Party!

Cat Cupcakes!

Yummy Pies

Goldfish Cakes

Tuna Sandwich

Assorted Sushi

for every RM100 purchase you can make a wish!

Frederick Shu Uemura's Make Up Artist

he's going to teach us all how to do party make up
(pay attention! u gona need it!)

Since I was not participating in any contest *sob sob*
I became the guinea pig model

*shy* !!! first time being model for makeup infront
everyone! whoa whoa.. my face can't smile also
(i admire those make up model can still maintain cool)

the girls rushed to get their party make up on

they have only 20mins to do their make up!
( just like ANTM's make up contest *lol*)

raawwwrr!!! where's the eyeliner???

and the best kitty goes to ... hey Miu let go!
(Miu's trying very hard to present the prize to Stellar)

consolation prize goest to ta ta ta waternymph!

"lady gaga" kitty masurin wins consolation too!

Buaya Wing, Candy, Janice, Tutu J & Fatin
(posing with their Shu Uemura door gifts)

SPECIAL PARTY GWP 7pc gift & Tsumori Chisato Pouch
(with every RM300 & above purchase)

"The Paw Of Fame" made by Miu

I made the "Paw of Fame" board to stick Polaroid photos that I took of everyone. Also they could keep the extra Polaroid back to remember that they were once a crazy cat! The Paw of Fame is being kidnap back to Shu Uemura for investigation before releasing to me for custody sob sob. I will display it on my birthday xmas party on Christmas day.

Big Thanks to Shirley& Frederick for the lovely party!

Thanks to everyone at Shu Uemura 1 Utama!

without you girls, there won't be a party
arigato, thank you, terima-kasih

my Shu Uemura Tsumori Chisato complete collection
(my Vanity Planet pouch paid for, is on the way)


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(anyone who blog about this party, pls give me ur link to put here)

Big Thanks & Credits to:
Shu Uemura
Shu Uemura 1 Utama & Staffs
CintaRia Cafe
Hurley my Photoblogger
Stellar's BF CharX
Stellar's guy friend BKFoo
Plusizekitten Followers


  1. OMG SO MANY CATS, people got shock or not ahahaha~

  2. cham lo..group photo cannot see my face..should have stand front a bit..>.<

  3. Thanks Miu & Shu for organizing the party! It was the first ever costume party I had attended and it was great!

  4. hehe.. love the pics, can imagine.. its huge crowd of kitties there :)

  5. miu's thanks for the credit mention heh you are too kind!!

    haha our face were DEAD serious during the makeup Demo lol

    ooh yea one priceless photos me & you going drama over the bag ...candid!

    you remind me why i luv this brand..
    not just the product, the people and the original creativity
    and makes us all oh-so beautiful
    shu team 1st class!!

    WOW your wishlist come true adi...yippieyayay!

  6. Hi Miu..nice party u got there...kindly visit my blog as well..

  7. wow that's awesome !!! and the dress code is amazing too ^^

  8. i had fun with u guys..tx Miu..tx Shu Uemura!!!

  9. miu....this look like a great party!

  10. omg, this is one hell of a party, you definitely knew how to throw a great party, dear!!! wondering what other surprises in store for your next bday bash, hehhee =P

  11. Wow loook at all the cats!!! Cool party wish I was there!!! Rooaarrr

  12. It was loads of fun. Great time to connect with fine felines and friends. Got to meet the Guy Friend photographer. we were friends in college btw. Thanks again Miu for putting this up, wowwww (^_^). And also big thanks to Shu Uemura as well. You're all awesome! - waternymph

  13. WOW now that is the cats meow! All my love girl Hope you had a perrrrfic time and everything was meowlisous..... What a great group of little Kittens I would love to adopt you all!

  14. Thanks Miu & Shu Uemura for organizing this special party..
    really had fun..
    my post: http://mystyl3mylif3.blogspot.com/2009/12/miu-kitty-cat-christmas-party.html

  15. Amazing Party! Woohoo!!

    Finished my post..


  16. ohhhhh how come i am not invited :p hehehehehehe ...

    just kidding ... looks fun and i bet everyone had a good time :)

  17. I LOVE your "cat eyes"! Beautiful!!!

  18. how can i miss out this event?!
    anyone has tsumori chisato pocket mirror or the pouch for sale?

    1. urm... how much would u offer? :D muahah.. I kept the entire collection along with all the pouches and fan stuffs!

    2. do you want to let go the pocket mirror and small pouch?

    3. urm sorry :( not letting go....

  19. Could you tell me where I can find those kind of black balloons for a party?


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