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Few days ago I received an email from Jasmine Ong on helping to promote a Plus Size Casting session at Starbucks KL Sentral for upcoming women's magazine that's targeted for guess who? "yang gemuk dan kiut macam saya lah!" FOR PLUS SIZE WOMEN IN MALAYSIA! can you believe? is the industry looking at the possible fact that not all Asian women come in broomstick sizes? We want real healthy woman who's daring enough to show her curves and love it! Sorry Kate Moss, you're too thin to join. For more information about this casting call join this Facebook Event here or you can contact Jasmine Ong at jasmineong188@hotmail.com. Please bring with you 1 Passport photo and one full length photo to the casting session yeah! 

When I got the email I quickly shared it on Facebook and to my friends! Big thanks to them for continuing to share and spread the word around. Blog, Facebook etc! we need to show 'em there's more to life than only catering clothes to size L and under (puiks).


  1. whoops!! too old to join. just a leetle over the age group. :)

    oh well.

    pls tell jasmine remember to include the plus sized muslimahs too. about 90% of the industry ignores muslim women. esp plus sized muslim women (who are dressed for modesty).

    we wanna look good but stay modest and true to ourselves too! :)

    bravo for finally acknowledging plus sized malaysian women.

  2. waaaa... i wan! do i qualify as plus size? ><

  3. alahai... too old already la... agreed wt kit pryde... ermm.. why until 30 only... should cater for older women also as sometimes we become the plus sizes after pregnant and giving birth kan..? :-)

  4. Hey guys!

    Thanks for the support. We will keep all your comments in mind. If the magazine is successful, we will try to feature more!


  5. yeah too old for me already :( sad OL now

  6. Too bad, little bit over the age limit. But will definitely support a plus-size magazine in M'sia.


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