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How to Change Your Detv To English


translation "I don't speak Mandarin"

Been suffering as a banana person for a long time. Banana means Yellow outside (Chinese) White inside (English speaking). I do understand chinese (cantonese and mandarin) but I was not brought up to read chinese in words! so when I got my DETV, I tried very hard to "guess" what the channels are, trial and error and asking friends who can read chinese to tell me what those 5 words are in the home menu. 

yes this 5 words here, what it means?

Though the only word I could read is DVD from this menu. I still can watch DETV like normal (just click and explore). It wasn't until a month later that I finally study the remote control that comes with the DETV. Looks like any normal remote control. I started becoming more bold in clicking the buttons on it until I found...

DETV remote control

but wait what's this button? LANG?

until I saw this button name LANG. The first word that came into my mind is LANGUAGE? don't tell me there's a language selection? no it's not subtitle language.. it should be something else? let me try pressing it and hope I don't screw up my DETV! *press LANG button* OMG! GUESS WHAT HAPPEN NEXT?

my DETV is now in ENGLISH! (words)

gosh I can now explore DETV without guessing!

so I quickly went to Arirang (Korean Channel)
(my favorite channel)

POPS IN SEOUL has cute guys on it today!!!

ah my emotions feel like this music video now

I can't believe after 1 month of watching DETV I finally found this button to turn it from Chinese to English Language (words only ok? the people don't suddenly speak english haha). Really very happy, I was so worried about which channels I am going into and whether I be pressing the wrong buttons but now I finally could surf the channels in DETV freely and understand what I am doing! I hope my guide helps those who got DETV and wishes to read it in English! (just like me banana type).


  1. ohmygosh that's u-kiss!
    *waves at xander, eli & kevin*

    congratulations on discovering the language option, miu. hehe.

  2. ahahah omg... korean pop fan alert!!!!


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