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Limited Edition Make Up Box Goes Up for Auction in Facebook!


the pink cute make up case

For Bidding from RM1k!

A while back a little bird told me that the Shu Uemura Limited Edition Christmas Aya Takano Make Up Box would go on auction not in the normal way but on facebook! Weird I wonder how they can control an auction in facebook as I seen many disasters happening in facebook when a auction or contest is done. Let's hope everything goes well. I don't think I will bid for this, leaving it to the rich and famous to donate to charity (hope there's a receipt so can income tax deduction since you're bidding for charity).


In conjunction with the launch of the Abracadra Fantasy XMAS collection 2010, shu uemura has specially imported a single limited edition XMAS collection make-up box. This one-of-a-kind make-up box is beautifully designed together with the artist Aya Takano and is not for sale. The highest bidder will be able to take it home via the online auction. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the children of RUMAH HOPE to help them have a meaningful and joyous Christmas celebration.

REGISTRATION (Nov 1 - 30):
- Make a RM 100 deposit at any shu uemura boutique in Klang Valley to secure an entry.
- Fill out the form and keep customer copy to get back the RM 100 deposit.
- Deposit will be fully refundable after the auction is over (Dec 13 - 31).
- Registration form must be presented to get back deposit. No deposit will be returned without the form.

BIDDING (Dec 6 - 12):
- Make-up box bidding starts at RM1000.
- Please send email bid to xmasmakeupbox@shuuemura.com.my
- Please enter the serial number in the subject line. Serial number is found on the registration form.
- Only ONE BID (EMAIL) per customer.

- Winner will be announced via email and on the shu uemura facebook fan page end of Dec.

source: shu uemura facebook

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  1. sigh!!!! i really want... but 1000 thousand can go into my house saving... :D


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