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A Perfect Stay at Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur


my dream wedding at Le Meridien

I ran across KL Sentral huffing and puffing as I am truly madly deeply going to be late to check into my lovely Le Royal Club Suite at Le Meridien Hotel, the one hotel that has truly captivated my heart ever since I stumble unto them while cruising around KL Sentral. I still remember the romantic elegance of the floor that housed the free form swimming pool, with dimmed lights, comfy sofas and a fruit juice in my hands. I said to myself "I'm am so going to get married here". Well that's something that will happened only in my dreams, unless someone wants to make it my dream come true!

Le Meridien, my dream hotel

the lobby

"Hello Miss, how can I help you?" the receptionist greeted me upon my arrival at the check in table. I almost forgotten to check in while dreaming away for a minute. Yes got my keys now, first things first. I want to see my ROOM!!! Takes the elevator, remaining calm. Reaches room, open doors...


OH NO! did I just scream? I can't help it, after all I am a girly girl who just loves to pamper herself with luxury treats once a while! who don't right? gosh smell the room, feel the linen! oh the bed is so... *jumps onto the bed and starts dreaming*. WAIT need to tell my girlfriends where I am now and to tell them come see my room! (show off maximum time). Ring RING Ring..
Buaya Wing:  "Hello, yes?"
Buaya Wing: "Urm... *silence for a while* u are collecting jackpot prize?"
Buaya Wing: "$%%^^&&* U $%^^&&( U U U %%^&&() 
*the following conversation has been classified as PG13 rated and will not be shown anymore*
Me: Meet u at the swimming pool tonight for some fruit juice okie!
Buaya Wing: %^&^&**( DEAL SEE U THERE I BE COMING BY LRT! 

Since I have some time to kill before my bff gets here and it's lunch time now, I shall enjoy some yummy pasta  at Favola! The Italian restaurant that's has rustic Italian setting reminiscent of the renaissance era to make me feel even more like a princess today?!

Favola means fable in Italian

After lunch, I wanted to laze around the hotel, checking the facilities and restaurants that's available. I walked through the pool area and sat there gazing and admiring the scenery, feeling so contented and happy. I brought a book along "Sex and the City" and started reading. 

enjoying the scenery at late noon

oh joy... this is the life of a girl

I looked up and it's almost dark! evening has come and I walked to my room back (which I had been missing!) and unpacked my luggage. I brought along all my body & bath products so I can turn my stay into a a spa session. Yes I brought my tea light candles too, this is going to be fabulous. I lighted them up and turn on the bath. Bubbles foaming up and I add in a few drops of aromatherapy oils for a soothing and relaxing soak. The city never looked this romantic, boy is my bff Buaya Wing going to be so jealous of me when she gets here! We'll gaze at the stars later beside the pool until late sharing and talking about everything (maybe planning my dream wedding without any budget cost to worry about) and wake up late just in time to check out! YEAH!!! 

Buaya Wing whispering to me "When can we come again?"

Disover Le Meridien Hotels by clicking this link and to book a room and get started like me click here. You'd come back again and don't forget to bring that scented candles and aromatherapy oils for a luxurious bath time too! The night is young and so am I.

*Bubbles Pop and the room is filled with scented candles of Lavender* 

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  1. Starwood hotels always good! my favourite is Westin!!!

  2. westin ah? never see westin yet.. :( so far i like le meridien a lot!!!

  3. I love Le Meridien KL, we had a weekend getaway there even though we don't live all that far away from KL :D Prime (restaurant) has the most amazing steaks!

  4. i waiting u to call me again!!!!! dam it!!!!

  5. I wanted to join this contest too but I'm lazy to write a post ! lol...good luck to you tammy !!!

  6. this place are beautiful.. can consider when need a times out in a short distance.. :D

  7. next time call me toooooo.... *_~

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