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Clé de Peau Beauté Spring/Summer 2013 La Beauté Méditerranée


Clé de Peau Beauté Spring/Summer 2013 La Beauté Méditerranée

Recently I was introduce to Clé de Peau BEAUTE by Shiseido. It's French for "key to beautiful skin" but don't be mislead by that because it's actually from Japan. On first look at the concept and line of skincare and makeup products at the media launch of their Spring/Summer 2013 La Beauté Méditerranée, I could tell they're catered towards the more sophisticated women of the century, like my recent idol, Amanda Seyfried from Mama Mia, Les Miserable. She's the face of  Clé de Peau BEAUTE. 

Vera Wang Spring/Summer 2013 New York Fashion Week

Rochas Spring/Summer 2013 New York Fashion Week

Vanessa Bruno Spring/Summer 2013 New York Fashion Week

French girl look, look gorgeous all the time

The Spring/Summer 2013 collection showcase a lighter, sleeker and more feminine look for the 2013 Spring/Summer fashion shows. Inspired by the allure and sublime beauty of the Mediterranean; with its sun-drenched summers, shimmering seas, cloudless skies and earth-baked landscapes.

Alive in the interplay of sea and sunlight, your beauty is irresistible. As Illuminating Beads capture the ever-changing radiance of the Mediterranean, all eyes are upon you.

Clearwater, Damansara Heights

can u spot why this place was chosen for the launch?

a fine dining restaurant called PLOY

enclave of urban style, quality & design

the showcase of the Spring/Summer 2013 collection

the stunning allure of the Mediterranean

the foundations of radiantly clear skin

light-inspiring face color, let it play among your features

pure radiance in a lip rouge

transform bare skin into pure clarity
brightening enhancer base

brilliance comes to foundation
brightening powder foundation

brightening enhancer base, powder foundation makeover
& luminizing face enhancer (contouring)

I wasn't too keen to try the eyeshadows but I had to try the brightening enhancer base that I read gives you a radiant and dewy smooth finish like as if you used a beauty serum. It also smooths the surface of your skin so that your foundation sits well on your skin. Using both, the end result is a more brighten, radiant and flawless looking face :)

The brightening powder foundation, has photochromic technology that reflects back blue and red light when expose to light. Some reading to be done for this but I'll cut to the chase. This just means one will not have that white powdery look under sunlight. That's one of the reasons why I prefer to use liquid instead of powder. Having read about this photochromic powder technology makes me think twice. I shall give it a try this Spring instead of my usual BB cream.

Besides I think this powder also don't turn your face grey (oxidation) with its gold pearl addition. The last bonus is it's infused with skin treatment ingredient called the Revitalizing Moisture Complex to optimized skin condition.

Eye Color Quad in 209 Sapphire
deep sapphire to create chic, elegant eyes

Eye Color Quad in 210 Aquamarine 
rich earthen hues & translucent aquamarine
evokes pools of still coolness

it's more than an eye shadow

The feeling of light, the translucence of color, and the texture of barely there. Soft shades combine with skincare benefits to achieve delicate depth and refinement. Available in two new eye color quads that brings Mediterranean to life - Sapphire & Aquamarine.
luminizing face enhancer in sand beige

Beautiful, ever-changing light dances across your face. Light so fascinating, you're captivating at any angle. With just one application, Illuminating Beads manipulate light and infuse skin with breathtaking radiance.

brightening enhancer baser

An exquisite new brightening pre-makeup base with serum-like qualities that imparts radiant clarity as it enhances and maintains the integrity of brightening powder foundation's flawless finish.

brightening powder foundation

Imagine skin with such clarity, it looks untouched by the sun. Advanced research in optical science makes it possible - in a foundation. So brilliant, this could be your most exquisite beauty every. Available in 6 shades.

enriched lip luminizer in
sweet nougat, sugar candy & raspberry ripple

It's pure radiance in a lip rouge. Bathed in luxurious luster, lips become fuller and more stunning with each use. Inspired by the Mediterranean, 3 new limited-edition shades are sumptuously textured and brilliantly radiant to spotlight your most beguiling feature. Available in sweet nougat, sugar candy and raspberry ripple.

three limited edition lip rouge shades

swatches: soft light pinky colors 

Check out the photographs of the 3 limited edition shades inspired by delicious pink goodies! Can't stop looking at the collection booklet, I'm so intrigue by this brand. Cosmetics that has skincare properties is fascinating me now. I'm not into eyeshadows, but I wouldn't mind buying the lip luminizer in Sugar Candy to have luscious fuller lips that looks naturally healthy.

I'll check out the prices and update my post!

Cle de Peau BEAUTE is available a Parkson Pavilion 03-21419968 & Isetan KLCC 03-21646096.

P.S: I googled online and many youtube make up gurus says the Cle de Peau concealer is the best concealer! I don't have that bad under eye dark circles or blemishes to hide but it's great to know this brand carries a holy grail product besides the famous La Cream.

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  1. OMG is that like cow hide as a rug on the floor? Eeeeek. =/
    Anyway, looking cute w those lovly make-up on dear! <3

    1. :D don't know if i can pull of the french girl look... but loving the make up base so far ^___^ smells wonderful...

      btw.. u animal supporter ah?! i think it's a fake cow hide lah..don't be alarmed

  2. the face colour packaging is so pretty!

    1. the luminizing face enhancer in sand beige? hehe u notice the Clearwater restaurant's wall is similar to this face color pattern :)

  3. Never tried any Cle de Peau products, but they look sooooo classy, high and and gorgeous!


  4. Replies
    1. cle de peau is available in Malaysia :)

      Cle de Peau BEAUTE is available a Parkson Pavilion 03-21419968 & Isetan KLCC 03-21646096.

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