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Kwerkee Malaysia Daily Design Sauce


a touch screen stylus pen that looks like a pencil

Here's another product from Kwerkee.com that's useful, if you're looking for a touch screen stylus pen to prevent unsightly marks and finger prints on your touch screen phones and gadgets. I don't really use stylus pen especially for my touch screen phone but I find it useful for those having big touch screen gadgets like ipad or tablets. It'll reduce my annoyance on the marks & make presentation slides look more fun with a stylus pen that looks like your classic school pencil.

keep your screes free from prints 

also it looks really cool with my ipad

For more quirky knick knacks and things you find inspiring cool to show off to your friends. Check out Kwerkee.com where the most offbeat design pieces cherry-picked for you at up to 70% off retail!
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  1. wahhh cute la this pencil hehehe

  2. The "pencil" looks so real from your photo!

  3. wow so cute the little pencil...it's like back to school time but we now writing on ipad,iphone and not paper which is somewhat more eco-friendly?!

  4. damn blardy cuteeeee :D


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