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Discover Signorina with your BFF's!


the story of a Signorina

scene 1 : the surprise

scene 2: the presents

scene 3: omg thx guys!

scene 4: trying it out...

happy ending...

Did you like my pictures? It was Terince's birthday last year and we (a bunch of friends) got the sweet girl a perfume from Salvatore Ferragamo's latest fragrance, Signorina. This year we got Terince a Stila Contouring Make-up Palette and assorted chocolates from Japanese snack store. I dug out the pictures again because it reminded me how much fun shopping with your bff for another bff. Having said that, I really think the latest event on Signorina will be so much fun for BFFs out there! especially when you like to dress up according to theme colors.

Discover Signorina with your BFF's!

The first 10 groups of 5 BFF’s to come in pale pink dresses  at 11am on 29 March 2013 will WIN hamper prizes* up to RM25,000. Bonus: Those who purchase the April issue of Female or EH! magazine will be able to redeem a complimentary mini spray**

*Each group will be eligible to win 1 hamper.
** Limited quantities are available.


  1. I got class on that day T^T WHYYY?

    1. dun worry. i also cryin now.. coz I got work T____T WUUWUWUUWUW...

  2. Replies
    1. I nak join too tapi duwan posing with yang bodyshape cantik punya... nak dengan species sendiri bolehlahhh

      ADUI i lupaaa.. i got something on at 12pm!!! i cannot join!! oh dam hadiah hamper up to rm25k!!!!!! goneeeee


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