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Happy Birthday Kenby My Friend


to a friend from school days...

You've been busy and I missed your laughter and smile. Your birthday was over and although I have wished you on Facebook it didn't seemed right. I stumble upon PassedOn and play around with it, tried to record a video and I uploaded it to my account. I hope you got it? if you didn't you can see the video here. It's suppose to be a private birthday message, works like P.S I Love You where messages or wills gets sent to the person you want to see and you can set the time as well in a secure and private website. Anyway I thought I blog about this so others can also use this program to pass on messages, be it a Birthday greeting, a love confession or set up a will online.

Last year we had so much fun together but this year I hope you have lots of fun building memories with that special someone you found. I will be right here waiting if you need me one day, because you've been there for me when I needed someone.

using PassedOn to send you a birthday wish

this is my PassedOn video, not sure if u got it
(PassedOn sends you a message to check videos from me)

here's the video on youtube
(but everyone can see! embarrassed)

here's a video introduction on PassedOn

I've registered today and was just playing around with what I can do. Seems like I can also build a keepsakes album in it to store all my memories just like the video. There's also a special section where I can will my things like car to someone! hahaha. Pretty neat and fun site right. Well hope my friend likes my birthday wish to her because she's so far away and she's busy with her new love life.


meow thx ^_^ for commenting

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