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HCG Diary: Day 4 Dinner Starts


Well I thought I start a diary about my HCG weight loss journey like everyone else in the USA is doing. This is my second post talking about HCG and I have done some googling about this weight loss program. I found out there's a lot of:

  • HCG recipes created by websites and bloggers
  • HCG Diary by those on HCG, helps to be on track
  • HCG apps is on Itunes?! wth.... *shocks*

This is day 4 and I have started my 500 calorie diet after 5pm (after my 4th injection). It consists of foods to avoid, particular oil, sugar, and carbs. I wish there was a HCG meals on wheels to make it easier for us, like a professional HCG cook who creates these awesome 500 calorie meals that taste good and healthy even without using oil, sugar or carbs. I read there's miracle noodles created specially for HCG! I wonder where I can get that.

I had 1 breadstick and a handful of strawberries for dinner. I baked lemon cod fish but lost my appetite looking at it. I'm not a fish person you see. Unless it's Thai spicy lemon chilli steam fish. Also I research online & HCG forums said soda water with lemon juice is okay to drink! so I'm drinking *gulp gulp*

The first 3 days on HCG, I could eat anything I want so I ate Indian Cuisine, ice-cream, ice-kacang, waffles, fried chicken, McDonalds (ahahhahha). When I weight myself on day 4, I lost 1kg! omg? how did that happen. I pig out and I lost 1kg? maybe my weighing machine has broken due to the weight gain instead.

this is a HCG diary by Carol, I think I'll do it like this too

P.S: I went out grocery shopping to get my HCG recipes ingrediets. Got chicken breasts, steaks, onions, Grissini breadsticks, lemons, strawberries and apples. Also seasoning of many kinds because seasoning can be used! just no dressing, no butter and seriously no sugar related seasoning.

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  1. Be like me.. take my cheeky dog out for a walk ^^. or the hamster.. or the fish (whichever is more mobile)..

    1. don't have pets.. but I will go out for brisk walk :D monday i play badminton.. but I'm worried doing any exercise will make me pengsan or crave for food.

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  4. Hi Tammy,

    Just want to know where to buy Grissini breadsticks? im on HCG diet currently. TQ


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