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Necomimi The Brainewave Cat Ears


meow!!! should I buy this?

necomimi, moving cat ears using neuro brainwave

The other day I asked my fiance to buy me the Necomimi, cat ears that resembles some cosplaying accessories or cute cat girls from mangas (which some guys / otakus thinks its real sexy). The only reason I want to buy it is because it's sooo cute to have cat ears while I blog! (so I can change my signature to blogging with cat ears on) and because the cat ears do respond to your moods though only 2-4 types of moods is captured. There's 2 

  • when focus ears stands up
  • when relax, ears goes down
  • focus & interested, ears perk up & wiggle
  • high focus, ears perks up quickly

I wonder if it's correct that when a cat relaxes, the ears goes down. I though when cats are grumpy or not comfortable, their ears will go down. Anyway I so want it! but it costs freakin expensive to buy unless you stay in US or Canada, it goes for $69.90 without shipping. My fiance says he rather buy the cute girls than the cat ears for me (meh............... typicall GUY response).

the shippo, moving tail using neuro brainwave
(not for sale, no funds for this project it seems)

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  1. it's cute! kinda expensive but sounds so cool that it can detect ur mood!
    force bf to buy it for u!! den manja on him with the ears.. hehehe..

    1. got some ebay kinda sites in Japan that ppl sell from rm180 to rm300++ to rm600++

      but i think usd69.90 is cheap (it's cheaper than Clarisonic Mia 2). He duwan buy for me.. he kns wan. I buy for myself!!!

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  3. I wanna buy the nekomimi too!!!!
    Saw this last year already but don't know how to buy it! >_<

    1. I saw last year & thought it's some kinda "prank" but.. lol... looks like it's real, they started selling last year after finalizing the project. Any friends in USA can help buy leh.. or Japan

  4. So adorable i wonder how much is it :O

    1. USD69.90 but only Canada & USA can buy :(

      Japan price.. fluatuates from site to site :O

  5. I have been scouring this since last year! Love this! My husband and I are big anime/manga/cosplay fans so we love this! Searched for it during our honeymoon in Japan but couldn't find it anywhere. Oh boo.

  6. if u have friends in US/Canada, can ask them to help buy for you for USD69.90 and ship to Msia :O


    In Japan, online banyak sites selling but the price...O_O from RM180 (used) to RM600! (so not stable)

  7. Tammy : My husband's friend has a unit. He bought from Japan. It cost about RM 300 ++. He was thinking of bringing in to Malaysia to sell then think think think too expensive. He is a big fan of cosplay stuffs.

  8. Necomimi is now available in Malaysia at www.worldcooltech.com....Great news !!!

  9. How much is the shipping from the US to Malaysia?
    I wanna buy so bad...


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