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Shills Warehouse Sales 2013


yay warehouse sales time!
(source: Shills FB)

Found out from Classypyt's blog that Shills is having a warehouse sale this coming Friday 8/3 until 9/3 at Puchong! It's up to 90% discount, I wonder what items are on 90% discount off? I can hardly see any good discounts at warehouse sales nowadays. The prices has been increasing each year due to the large crowd of people coming in. I hope it goes back to the good old days of real warehouse sale prices, I missed that so much.

Venue: Tamam Perindustrian Puchong Utama, Puchong

Time: 8/3/2013, Friday 9am to 6pm
9/3/2013, Saturday 9am to 4pm

Products from SHILLS, DOT.DOT & ANOSA are up for grabs.

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  5. Wow this is a good opportunity for the entire fashionable ladies.90% discount is amazing.

  6. I have no money yet but i will consider your warehouse in future. Bonded warehouses


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