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Meeting Lee Min Ho at innisfree Festa 2015


 meeting Lee Min Ho at innisfree Festa 2015

When I received the invitation from innisfree to meet their Global Brand Ambassador Lee Min Ho at innisfree Festa 2015, I almost fainted because who don't love Lee Min Ho?! He's like the only Korean guy I find attractive ever since I saw him in Meteor Garden with my best friend. We had a movie marathon in Hilton Kuala Lumpur's presidential suite (I know I know, luxurious stay for just two girls and we decided to watch Korean tv drama for the night until 6am in the morning) and both of us fell in love with this bad boy *lol*. Now innisfree is already in Malaysia with its first store opening in Sunway Pyramid last Dec and already Malaysians are captivated by the wide range of skincare products offered in line with their philosophy of bringing healthy beauty to body and mind with the pure ingredients from Jeju island.

Lee Min Ho as Goo Jun Pyo (the main actor of the story)

Boys Over Flowers (Meteor Garden) Korean tv drama

The whole idea behind the innisfree Festa 2015 besides getting to see the star studded prince is the displayed of all things innisfree from all their skincare range, ingredients used, showcase of videos starring their Global Ambassadors, D.I.Y activities, games to win innisfree prizes and refreshments from the green cafe. It's like a mini innisfree world for fans, media and customers. I enjoyed exploring each section and participating in the D.I.Y activities to make my own innisfree cactus and pouch to bring back. 

welcome to the world of innisfree

it's all about green natural products

skincare range discovery

innisfree green cafe with fresh juice station

each range decorated with the ingredients used

activities to keep you busy

 stamping to personalise your own pouch

this is what I made! :D hehe

Lee Min Ho uses the Green Tea Seed Serum

and Super Volcanic Pore Clay mask
to keep his skin looking great, hydrated & fresh round the clock

Lee Min Ho finally appears on stage to greet fans

interviewing Lee Min Ho with fan questions

the official launch of innisfree Festa 2015

pictures of the heart throb

thanks innisfree for inviting me *much love*

doing the d.i.y activities like a kid in a playground

Well you can see from my selfies above that I had an awesome time at the innisfree Festa 2015 but sadly I didn't get to selfie with Lee Min Ho! *cries*. Would have been wonderful to shake his hand or hug him but I'm still really happy I got to see him up close and hear him speak in Korean (so dreamy). His skin is so good compared to us ladies WHY!!! oh yeah I know why, because he uses innisfree now.

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  1. his skin is insanely flawless T_T need to pay extra care to my skin haha

  2. innisfree ni memang baguslah Tammy ;)

  3. hug lee min ho? u might get lotsa haters and then also appear in some gossip youtube, so i guess it's ok that it didn't happen, just dream about it ya haha.

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