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  • Happy Birthday CrackHouse Comedy Club Malaysia


    Happy Birthday Crackhouse Comedy Club Malaysia!

    I could never get enough of standup comedies in Malaysia. Granted I just discovered the exciting world of the funnies since I stumbled upon Crackhouse Comedy Club, which is the first comedy club house in Malaysia introducing comedians both local and international to Malaysians. Which is something I am deeply grateful for because I didn't know how good our comedy scene is until they showed it to me. They made my life funny, colourful and I got to also learn what it takes to be a comedian, the rules of being at a stand up comedy (like don't sit in front, don't heckle, don't talk during a show, etc).

     Douglas Lim groupie pic with fans!
    (Raj, C, Me, Alvin & Leonard)

     one with the Paul Ogata who made us laugh like shit

    Once I go crack I can't never turn back haha. It's so true because the entrance fees to comedy shows can't be compared to the Crackhouse which starts from RM15 to RM30 (depending on what's the show of the day). On Wednesdays, it's open mike night for RM15. This is where you come and chill out, watching would be or seasoned comedians do their new thing or practice their materials. On Thursday, it gets fun for RM20. The comedians do Hack the Crack, which means improv. Improv is improvisation. My experience was watching 5 comedians do their thing and later, they would be randomly assigned by surprise to re-act to a comedian who performed earlier. This is where it gets real funny. I enjoy Thursday a lot!

    Paul Ogata - Problem with Chinese Restaurants

    On Fridays and Saturdays, it's RM30 per pop because weekends are where the good stuff comes in. Headliners (star comedians of the show) comes in to make you laugh. They're seasoned, popular, celebrities of the comedy scene from all over the world. I've seen Australians, UK, Singaporeans, Malaysians, and Americans. My favourite is by far now Paul Ogata from America. He's so god dam good. I missed his act so much.

    a picture with my fave comedian

    Now if you have never been to a stand up comedy club, or have friends to bring around in Kuala Lumpur, or you're new in Kuala Lumpur, going to the Crackhouse Comedy Club would be an eye opener to the comedy scene in Malaysia. They're having their first birthday celebration this week by unleashing awesome shows starting this Wednesday. Since it's their birthday, the shows are specially crafted for the celebration. Check out their website and their facebook page to find out what you don't want to miss :) and enjoy the LOL ride. 

    Comedy Carnival 29/4 - 3/5

    The CRACKHOUSE celebrates it's first birthday and YOU get the birthday present- the most action-packed week of local and international comedy KL has ever seen- 8 shows over 5 nights featuring: 

    WED 29th APRIL 
    Malaysia Vs Singapore (RM30)

    THURS 30th APRIL
    7.30pm Asian Tigers 1- Rising Stars of comedy
    Keren Bala, Headlined by Jinx Yeo (SIN) (RM25)

    9.30pm Haha-Happy Birthday Show
    hosted by Rizal van Geyzel, featuring Kavin Jay (RM35)

    FRI 1st MAY
    7.30pm Asian Tigers 2 - 
    Headlined by Papi Zak 
    Prakash Daniel, Justin Heyes, Brian Tan. (RM25)

    9.30PM PETER BERNER (Aus) 
    hosted by Papi Zak, featuring Kavin Jay & Jon Atherton. (RM35)

    SAT 2nd MAY
    7.30pm CANTO CRACK- 100% Cantonese Language 
    feat. Vivek Mahbubani, introduced by Aw Yuong Tuck (RM35)

    9.30pm VIVEK MAHBUBANI (HK) 
    hosted by Jon Atherton featuring Jinx Yeo (SG) -English (RM35)

    SUN 3rd MAY
    9.00pm THE GALA
    the Cream of the Carnival in one massively hilarious grand finale. (RM50)

    Don't delay... book now and avoid a life of guilt and self-recrimination smile emoticon 

    Call or SMS 017 6243412

    The Comedy Carnival is brought to you in partnership with 
    The Malay Mail Online; BFM89.9 & Somersby

    Crackhouse Comedy Club
    1st Floor, 24A, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14,
    Taman Tun Dr. Ismail
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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