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  • My Tattoo Experience: Getting Inked!


    inspired by freedom

    I always wanted a tattoo, but my family would totally kill me for it.  I am old enough to make my decisions, and I don't believe it will bring me to hell. I also have life insurance thanks to AIA should my family decides to kill me. You would ask, why tattoo? Well, I always wanted one as a form of self-expression. I wouldn't go all yakuza on myself; I just want something simple, beautiful and meaningful. Hence, I got freedom tattoo on my back, a reminder that I am free to live my life. I google tattoos and sparrows with dandelions spoke best to my heart. I decided I would get two tattoos (and it's my first time o brave yeah!).

    Why sparrows (or swallows) and dandelions?

    Both are positive symbols of freedom. Dandelion, for example, considered the ordinary and plain flower compared to other blooms. It lacks colour and obvious beauty but makes up for it with its unique geometry. As a child, we would blow dandelions and gasp at how amazing and magical it seems flying through the air. This is said to be a reminder of youth and joy. An unimpressive plain weed, impossible to remove due to its strong roots. When the wind blows, it suddenly turns beautiful, and it's fluffy white seeds flying with the wind, a sign of life reminding us to enjoy every moment in life. As I always say, life is a short bitter sweet symphony of experiences, delicate and tenacious as it may be, we only have one chance to live this life of ours.

    The dandelion is also a symbol of hope and dreams coming true. Remember as children, we closed our eyes, blow and made a wish as the dandelion seeds fly? In tattoo designs, sometimes the dandelion seeds transform into feathers or sparrows. It signifies rebirth, freedom and love.

     examples of tattoo designs I got inspired by

    just google for sparrow tattoo design for ideas

    Tattoos are permanent unlike sticker tattoos (flash tattoos) where you can just wash them off. I gave it some though and even chicken out on my first appointment. After a month, I said screw it, I'm doing this. I did some asking around on Facebook on where I could get mine done, so it happens a friend recommended Tiger Rich Tatz, a tattoo artist from Boracay, the Philippines with over 20 years of experience. He's also a travelling tattoo artist with clients from all over the world inviting him over to do what he does best, body art (huge tattoos with elaborate designs) and portrait tattoos. I waited a month for him to come back from Thailand (so hot stuff this guy). While waiting I had a few tattoo questions lined up:

    1. Will it be painful?
    2. What's the down time? (recovering period)
    3. Which areas would be good for tattoos? (body area)
    4. What should I prepare before going for my first tattoo? (like pain killers etc. )
    Now Pain is very subjective, and I watch YouTube videos of girls screaming away even before the needles hit them. This was very much the no.1 reason why I chicken out. Down time is said to be up to a month or more, depending on how well you heal and how long it takes for the tattoo to settle after. FYI, I google a lot about tattoos, so I found out that pain killers will not help but make things worst. It's advisable to bring sweets, though!. A nappy rash cream from the pharmacy for after care on your tattoo will help with the healing process e.g., Bepanthen.

     Tigerich Tattoo's shop at Aman Suria

    discussing with Tiger Rich how my tattoo would look like
    (showing picture examples)

    based on the picture, he sketches my tattoo out for my approval
    (don't be shy to discuss & change it to your liking)

    the sketch would then be copied onto your skin
    (in this picture, I'm having my first tattoo drawn)

    my first tattoo was done in 15 mins
    (3 sparrows on my chest)

    my second tattoo took about 40mins
    (the one with dandelion & sparrows)

    Tigerich uses a very fine needle & a good tattoo gun
    (so my experience was really good & smooth)

    The famous question - was it painful? Surprisingly NO! I can't believe it. What have I been missing out on these years? It wasn't the kind of pain that would leave you screaming or crying. It was more of an annoying sharp pencil grazing on your skin. It was bearable, not painful and was kind of therapeutic at one point. I was afraid, yes, but wow I think my tattoo artist is amazingly skilful, or I have a high pain tolerance out of the sudden. Albeit a bit messy, as while getting inked, the ink would be splattered around your skin so there's a lot of wiping and cleaning to do in the process. My designs are simple and small, so it was a lot faster and tolerable. I heard if you choose a bigger design, it will take 3 needles which would then be painful. Mine was only 1 needle, and it was done using a high-end tattoo gun (good quality tattoo gun) which also makes a difference.

    The needle is also new if you are questioning the cleanliness. Before getting inked, Tiger took his time sanitising and preparing the room. He took out packets of needles (only to be open when use), inks ready on the side, warming up his tattoo gun and with a smile asked me if I'm ready.  

    this is how it looks like after 40mins
    (my skin would be red around the tattoo)

    this is how it looks like after a month
    (after the peeling & colour settling down)

    I can't express how happy I am that I finally got my tattoos done. I made the right decision going to my friend's tattoo artist; he made me feel at ease with the whole process. I believe the pain and discomfort were greatly minimised under his skillful hands. Tigerich is also a friendly guy; he shares his experiences when he first came to Malaysia and how he has traveled the world inking people around. I kinda admire him, being able to do what he's passionate about, travel the world and getting paid for doing it. He also shared how we must go to his home country - Boracay, which is a beautiful place to visit. I will one day go there and say hello :)

    I went home with a bandage over my tattoos for 2 hours; it's to prevent dust / infection from the streets or air. A freshly inked tattoo is a fresh wound, so treat it with care. Just because it looks pretty doesn't mean it's not a wound. I applied Bepanthen everyday for 2 weeks, following by an oil-free moisturiser. In the first two weeks, I also avoided seafood, spicy and friend food so my tattoos would heal smoothly. Hot water and to avoid soaking in water as well, otherwise the tattoo would be affected (it has not settled down yet on your skin). After 2 weeks, my skin started to itch and flake as it heals (DO NOT SCRATCH IT). After a month, I could see my tattoos settling down beautifully. Read www.wikihow.com/Care-for-a-New-Tattoo.

    thinking about getting a tattoo?
    :: Image source::

    So if you're thinking about getting a tattoo, here's my advise, take your time to research and find out what works for you.Which area would you want to get inked? Areas close to the bone or nerve would be more sensitive compared to meaty areas. Don't get drunk and get inked; you're going to regret it. Understand what tattoo is about, the risks, what it means, and whether you will regret it years later. Tattoo removal is super expensive so don't get your boyfriend's face or name tattoo on yourself. Some tattoo artists could tattoo over that if you don't want to remove it. AH, please don't get a tattoo on your back, just above your pantie line. Guys called that "tramp stamp".

    My appendix surgery left me with scars;
    I'm thinking to cover it with tattoos 
    (another reason why tattoos are popular)

    Finding the right tattoo artist is also important. Remember, tattoos are for life, and you have one chance of doing it right, don't be a cheapskate! Find a good tattoo artist, please. I highly recommend Tigerich Tatz who did mine :) he's awesome as you can see from my pictures, his workmanship is fabulous, the experience was smooth, and he's one friendly guy. He's not here all the time so follow him on his Tiger Rich Tatz FB to check where he's at and book an appointment.

    After getting my first two tattoos, I'm already thinking of getting a third one done on my ankle or an elaborate one on my chest. What they say is true, once you get inked, you're addicted to getting more!

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    1. I am so scared of the pain..... but i've seen ur tattoos, they are real good job.

      Thanks for sharing the experience.


      1. thanks :) coming from you, a seasoned blogger it's an honour to know think it's a good job! but trust me, it's not that painful

    2. I love your tattoo.. didn't know front got too! else i would have...........
      ngek ngek ngek~

      1. haha front got.. just seldom show :D muahhaha...

    3. It is awesome!!! I love it!
      Good for you.
      You are an inspiration to all of us out there to lice our life and not to be skeptical & afraid to out new things.

      1. it's one of the reasons I blog, i really like sharing my experiences so others know how it's like... at least from my own opinion! life's too short!

    4. nicee~ didn't know you have them at the front too!!


      1. :D thanks babe.. hehe front got.. and I think I want to add more

    5. The dandelion is beautiful! I get inspiration from this


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