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  • Talika Introduces Three Energy Boosters


    Ms. Sina Deubner introduces the Youth Energy Booster
    (one of the three Energy Boosters by Talika)

    Today was enlightening indeed as I discovered the latest beauty gadgets from Talika a French brand, popular for their Lipocils (lash growth serum). Known for their discovery of light activation enzymes in their skincare line such as the Photo-Beauty Therapy, Photo-Hydra, Photo-Pure and the new Light Quintessence. Talika has come out again with not one but three energy boosters that will help you become beautiful by using the science of light to target skin concerns such as aging, acne, and dark spots. The light emitting,, travel friendly sleek skincare devices also has built in micro vibrations to help boost blood circulation and efficacy of your Talika products when used together. These are not the only light devices from Talika as they have also in the past, became popular with the introduction of their Light Duo and Light Duo+ anti-aging devices.

    (L) Purifying Energy Booster (R) White Energy Booster

    I was pretty intrigued with the introduction of these cool gadgets as I remembered going for facials using light emitting machines to improve my skin issues 8 years ago. I could only think of how one can pass time during the jam on the way to work, or while sitting in the bus / taxi waiting to get to your destination by whipping out an energy booster on your face for 1 - 2 mins once a day. The energy boosters are time automatic so you know when to stop. It can also be used with make up on. Here's the low down on the three energy boosters introduced today, soon to be in the market early June.

    Youth Energy Booster (Eyes) RM591
    Combining two highly effective wavelength + 2 ultra modern technologies in 1 device to smoothen eye contour for healthy, glowing, and youthful skin.

    Light Energy (Orange + Red):
    • Orange stimulates the production of collagen & elastin and firms the skin.
    • Red for anti-aging action to fight daily "skin stress" responsible for causing skin aging & inflammation.
    • Together they offer the anti-aging power of light, promoting skin renewal, reducing the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles and firming the skin.
    • Ion-sonic therapy is an electronic microcurrent, makes the skin more penetrable and allows for active ingredients to get deeper into layers.
    • Improves the effectiveness of creams and serums and is a gentle alternative to invasive technology.
    • Micro-vibrations boost microcirculation in targeted areas and improves intercellular communication.
    Awakens your cells with the Youth Energy Booster and fight the signs of aging around the eyes with the power of light.

    Results can be seen after 28 days.

    White Energy Booster (Brightening) RM542
    Effective booster combines a wavelength, ion-sonic and micro-vibrations into a single device to give you glowing and dark spot free skin everywhere you go.

    Light Energy (Green):
    • Green penetrates deep into the inner layers of the skin's epidermis and regulates the production of melanin, which causes dark spots and pigmentation.
    • Results in a more balance and even skin tone.
    • Ion-sonic therapy is an electronic microcurrent, makes the skin more penetrable and allows for active ingredients to get deeper into layers.
    • Improves effectiveness of creams and serums.
    • Gentle alternative to invasive technologies.
    • Micro-vibrations boost microcirculation in targeted areas and improves intercellular communication.
    Take this booster wherever you go and help the skin eliminate dark spots easily and safely. Your complexion will be immediately smoother and more even.

    Results can be seen after 30 days.

    Purifying Energy Booster (Blemish-Free Skin) RM468
    Unique combination of two wavelengths and scientifically proven cosmetic practices - perfect "boost" for a healthier, blemish-free skin in just seven days.

    Light Energy (Blue + Red):
    • Blue antibacterial light prevents the spread of P.Acnes, bacteria that causes spots and blackheads.
    • Blue light also helps to regulate the production of sebum (oil) and therefore minimizes shiny areas.
    • Red offers anti-aging action to fight daily "skin stress" responsible for accelerating skin aging and inflamation.
    • Red light stimulates cell regeneration so skin quickly eliminates imperfections on its own.
    In just a week your skin will showcase fewer imperfections with reduced redness and less shiny areas giving you practically perfect skin.

    Results can be seen after 7 days.

    held at Tanzini's Upperdeck restaurant

    lights seen everywhere, so Talika

    a set of the boosters & skincare for testing at each table

    a lunch gathering at the top of the city

    yours truly, seated right in front of the stage

    the Purifying Energy Booster with Photo-Pure Cleanser

    the Youth Energy Booster for eyes

    also new the Light Quintessence skincare line
    (day cream & serum)

    Talika's star product the Lipocils

    lights, camera and action

    Available soon at Talika counters. Look out for it next month or early June. For more information about Talika go to www.fb.com/TalikaHK and www.talika.com.

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