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Look Book Diary: Japanese Selfie

watashi wa tammy lim (hi I'm Tammy Lim)

I had these selfies in my phone taken last year Sept, 2014 where I attempted to look like a Japanese girl. I had on Nars foundation powder and tinted moisturiser in sand 01, Nars highlighter, Magic Colour Lens in olive (contact lenses), falsies, lipstick in Shu Uemura rose pink, and Shu Uemura's Karl Lagerfeld Christmas eye palette (for smokey eyes) and for blusher, it was Dior Spring's blusher (can't remember what shade, but it was light pink coral). The whole look made me fair and with my squinty eyes, I think I'm close to looking like a Japanese with my dark straight hair. 

if you like my look leave me a comment!

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  1. Yuhuuuu!!!! so Japanese look. I like!

  2. kawaiiiii! hehe. you can marry a japanese like this heeee

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