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Interviewed by Beauty Guide

interviewed by Beauty Guide

I had the pleasure to meet the Head of Digital Outreach of Beauty Guide early this month and we chatted for 3-hours sharing about our experiences in this industry. With that came an interview which I happily said yes. A few days ago, Nicholas fb me to say it's out! I rushed over the net to check the interview and I was surprised they went through my blog to pick some pretty sentimental photographs of me for their feature. Thank you Beauty Guide for the lovely interview, I hope you don't mind that I share it on my blog for my readers to read as well.

Beauty Guide is the first and leading beauty and wellness online directory and e-magazine in Southeast Asia. Newly launched in December 2014, Beauty Guide connects local Malaysians, expatriates and tourists to beauty and wellness venues across Malaysia.
We at Beauty Guide are working hard to create the most comprehensive beauty directory website in Malaysia, to simplify and improve your life as you search online for beauty and wellness treatments. With Beauty Guide, we emphasise the quality of the salon or spa experience by highlighting the best services by merchants with honest reviews and feedback by real customers. In this way we are able to ensure that customer satisfaction is guaranteed and that merchants can gain real insights from their customers that will improve the entire salon or spa experience. We host complete details of listed spa and salon venues across Malaysia, including photographs, prices, opening hours and special promotions. And what’s more, all of our spa and salon listings are supplemented by user-generated reviews. Beauty Guide is your all-encompassing guide on inner and outer beauty, guiding you with tips and tricks on our Beauty Blog, from the best wellness experiences to the highest-quality spa, beauty or fitness locations whoever and wherever you are. We are proud to be the leading platform for beauty and wellness services in Malaysia, and we strive to help and guide both merchants and customers in all that we do, in order to create a balanced lifestyle for everyone, from health to skincare and all your aesthetic and wellness needs.
Plus Size Kitten blog is a well-known and popular blog that focuses on all things about beauty and lifestyle. Beauty Guide was privileged  to interview Tammy, Editor and owner of the Plus Size Kitten blog on her thoughts and tips on beauty.   

1.)  What does beauty mean to you?
Beauty to me is a state of mind that exudes a person's inner or outer beauty. I believe beauty starts from the head to toe and not limited to physical looks or physical enhancements through the use of cosmetics and skincare products. One can harness the power of beauty through her inner goddess via her personality, style, through the 5 senses we have (sight, scent, sound, touch and taste).    

2.) What is your beauty regimen?
My beauty regime starts with the basic 3-step skincare - cleansing, toning & moisturising. I do masking once a week and apply serums before I sleep. I believe with the right beauty regimen one can stay maintain a healthy, glowing and beautiful skin throughout her years especially after the age of 25.     

3.) What challenges do you face with your your beauty regimen?
I have sensitive skin so choosing the right beauty products is important to me. In the case of using toners, I avoid using toners with alcohol because it could be drying and might irritate my sensitive skin.    

4.) What is your favourite thing to blog about?
I love to blog about my beauty transformation experiences. In short, it's where you could actually see the differences in a before and after use of a product or service that makes readers go "WOW! I want that too". This comes down to reviewing products or services that actually works so it motivates me to continue sharing my experiences that would benefit my readers.   

5.) You blog quite a bit on the topic of beauty. What is your favourite skincare product?
Yes I do, I like to try out new products suitable for my skin. It's a never ending conquest to find the perfect skincare for me. My current favourite skincare is the Elizabeth Arden 8-hour Cream (skin protector). It's a life saviour when I travel :) a multi-purpose intense moisturiser that could be use from head to toe for any emergencies.   

6.) Which is your favourite spa in Kuala Lumpur?
In Kuala Lumpur? That would have to be Villa Manja in Jalan Damai, Ampang. The Balinese interior, warm lights and soothing music just makes me feel at ease with myself after a busy day at work. It's a hidden gem in the city, no one would believe that tranquility exists in the hustling and bustling city. Their signature hot stone aromatherapy is what I look forward to each time I visit Villa Manja.   

7.) What is the best DIY skincare hack you have come across?
Using lipsticks as a blusher, eyeshadow and highlighter. During emergencies, one can use their lipstick to their advantage depending on the shade at hand. A red lipstick can be your blusher just by careful layering to create that school girl blush.   

8.) You are very involved with personal growth for bloggers via your blogging community. Could you elaborate about the Butterfly Project?  
The Butterfly Project is a community for beauty and lifestyle bloggers and social influencers. It's a place where likeminded individuals in the pursuit and passion of sharing their personal interests, experiences and reviews could gather and exchange ideas. The community started out with one key goal - to mentor and empower female bloggers through a series of experiential activities called projects. Being passionate about what you do and inspiring others in the process of it, is what sets the community apart from others. Connecting brands and bloggers together, we believe this duo combination would create a wildfire of imaginative experiences to be read by millions. 

9.) Can you tell us more about WEVents?
I am the President of WEVents (, a community for working women to get connected and socialised together. It's a women's only men not invited affair. The founder is non other than Jeanisha Wan from J1 Consulting firm. She was also a columnist for The Star newspaper. WEVents is founded to empower women through a series of events under a theme for each year. Every year there's a min of 3 social events to carry out. This year, we are planning for our 5th Anniversary celebration in Aug/Sept. Brands or companies interested in CSR programmes and enriching women would find our community engaging. 

10.) Have you used before, and if not, what do you think about it?
I have a glimpse of it and I think that this would be the one stop beauty guide in Malaysia for women to visit and get their daily dose of beauty tips, advices and how to's from the comfort of their own home. There is a lot of potential for growth and engagement to consumers and the public mass via such a platform. I would like to see it excel.

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