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My name is Tammy and I've been blogging for over 8 years now. I started blogging because I wanted to share my beauty hauls and lifestyle experiences. I'm also a pro-consumer, which is probably the fire in my life.

This blog is now happily written by the cutest couple you've ever seen. Gareth's Irish while I'm Malaysian. We met in the most unexpected way possible and since then have been in a loving relationship. He loves to eat, drink and try new exciting things (even extreme sports) while I love the quieter things in life, like spas, massages, shopping and beauty! But we have something in common, we both love travelling.
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Throwback Then & Now


then & now (no make up)

A friend chatted with me this morning, asking me how long ago was this picture taken (the one with the cats). Took me a bit to start up the old brain in the morning as I sat thinking and realised that picture was taken 12 years ago when I was studying in Melbourne. It was taken with a webcam and dam, you young people these days have all the technology luxuries we oldies can't have. Back in my hey days, there's no smart phone with cameras. Heck digital camera just came about and it was bloody expensive. International students like us relied heavily on calling cards and borrowing each other's web camera (low resolution junks) to get connected back home AND HOME that time had really bad connection so it was laggy and crappy.

did I just press restart on the game of life

Anyway the picture of me reminded me of the how I was awfully unhappy in Melbourne. It's something I buried away deep in my memory so it took me a while to remember that I once had bangs a.k.a fringe (cut them myself) and the now me, look exactly the same which is scary. Albeit, I look nerdier, innocent and slimmer back then compared to the now me. So today, look back at your pictures 10 years ago, compared it to now - what has changed? did skincare or lifestyle changes affect the way you look then and now?. Tell me what you think if you're not too old to press comment.
I guess, I've come a long way to be who I am now and without all these experiences, I wouldn't be the same person you're talking to. Heck I wouldn't be a blogger even so here's to life *cheers*. 

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  1. Holy m f cow... Do u even age?

  2. Replies
    1. on the outside... haha but i do have wrinkles and age spots and what not.... lol

  3. pls share how you stay young?

    1. staying happy, drink lots of water, use the right skincare, take collagen, sweat it out once a week...

  4. You did't even age at all Mama-chan! I envy you in everything now..hahahaha...
    Next time there should be an event of you sharing "How I stay young" haha <3
    P/S-pretty sure the event would get an awesome hit..LOL

    1. I got age!!!!! my skin was much better 12 years ago... now.. oh... pls.. dun look at me close up... need BB cream dah ni..... I'll do a post on how I stay young (looking) hahhha!!! I'm predicting you're going to look young like me too.... I can see it in your face!

  5. This is an excellent idea for a blogpost! Let me think....i'd be 15 years old, just off PMR exam, changed school, came back to my old school, being awkward, liking a guy that never liked me back, super duper selekeh..haha.. I also came from the time when cameras are a rare commodity (unless you're rich) so I don't think there's any pictures worth looking for.. hmm.. Makes me very envious of kids these days... they even have pictures of being 1 second old! That's pretty cool! I want to know what I look like at 1 second old.. haha..

    Anyway, you might be recovering from your surgery by the time you're reading this. Take care Tammy!



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