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Cold Storage Strikes Again!


Thanks for sharing your hypermarket experiences with me girls! I am so happy to know that we are all very "kiasu" (scare to lose, the singaporean term for being thick skin) and we're all looking after our $$! Hey why not right? the more $$ we have, the more we can shopping! so nobody can scam even rm1 from us ok?

Referring to my Cold Storage: The Price is not always right, I went to investigate again at the Cold Storage Solaris (near my condo) to see if 3rd time's a charm. I took the Grape Juice Box again & went to pay for it at the counter. Amazingly RM17.99 came up again and the cashier proceeded to ask me for the money. I calmly told her that it's RM14.99 in which she didn't believe me at all. Pointing to where I got it, I said again "It's RM14.99 according to the display behind there". She called someone to check it out and after a few minutes, they said yes price is RM14.99. She called her store supervisor/manage and she came over and they talked a bit and then discounted my bill for rm2.99.

Amazing isn't it? They didn't even take any steps to amend the error after giving me "discount" on my bill even after this and the other 2 times I reported. THIS IS OBVIOUSLY A SCAM GOING ON! My kitten instincts tell me:
  1. they'll continue ripping ppl off until ppl complain (then a discount is given to adjust the bill)
  2. they'll pretend nothing is going on even after 3 times of reporting
  3. they never do anything about the "price error" even after 3 times I pointed it out
  4. the grape juice i bought is 60% gone this week, so 60% customers are being ripped off without them knowing. If 100 people buy the grape juice, cold storage earns rm299.
That's a lot of money!!! what if other products are also being overcharged? looks like petrol is no crisis to them no wonder their food is always Cold Storage Fresh (the lorry zoom zoom to them very fast, since they're not crying over petrol hike).

the alleged item that has been overcharged 3 times without fail for the past 1 week

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  1. OMG !
    no wonder they make so many profit..
    thanx 4 sharing...


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