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I Hate Pos Laju!


I am so having a nervous breakdown now. Just when I thought Nini (a buyer from melaka) has received her package, it turns out she hasn't receive it yet but the tracking number on pos laju site says already received! and by Adeline COP (wth is adeline cop). I double check the pos laju form I submitted and everything is in order! the address is right, the person is Nini not Adeline, and there's even her contact there! wth wrong is with pos laju? Furthermore the item is a CD Flight! probably this Adeline also won't give back already! Anybody has experience in this please give me some advise. I am so worried now.
What I am thinking & hoping for a happy ending:
  1. Pos Laju man stole the item & pretend it's sent to adeline
    (he go jail and item retrive back for Nini by Pos Malaysia)
  2. Item mixed up with tracking number (and hopefully will get to Nini soon)
  3. Adeline person give back to Nini
  4. Item fully refunded if Pos Laju fault!


  1. when I was a kid I used to post money with envelopes to my cousin which always ended up missing. =(

  2. poor thing ...i experienced it before ...a good fren of mine sent me CDs from US but it never made it to my house ...;(

  3. "when I was a kid" , i also like Hurley post the $ out, also missing~haha!

    cannot be trusted, better use courier service like Kagaroo, FedEx~:)

  4. I agree with what u wrote, Miu. JAIL THAT FELLA!!!!

    I have just too many BAD BAD experience with POS malaysia= PIECE OF S***!! Full of thieves!!!

    My good friend sent me his self-published autobiography from the USA before he passed away early this year. It's just a self-published book of an ordinary man dying of 4th stage, terminal stage!! stomach cancer, not some celebrity or politician. But I never received it till this day. I'm still grieving for his demise and grieving even more that his last gift for me , i never received. I would never know what was his last words for me before he died. Ppl may think ....WTH just a book ma, but it's from a good friend of mine, signed by him with his last words for me........put yourself in my shoes, how would you feel?

    I really dont understand these thieves' mentality!!! never will, because they are so LOW!!! something valuable, yeah, these immoral morons steal. but just a book, a book!!!

    BL**DY thieves!!

    nothing is reliable in this country anymore.

  5. forgot to mention.....even official documents from the US and UK also got lost in the mail!!!!
    dunno what these thieves do with them.

    Are they so poor that they cant afford to buy toilet paper? they can scavenge garbage dumps for old newspapers, and spare our important mails la....

    Or they are so LOW, no ability to make honest living, so have to feed their children papers , is it?? they can also scavenge the dumps for food for their kids!!

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