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Prestige's Fragrance & Cosmetic Sales report


I reach Armada Hotel at 10.30am. Long Q to get in.

1/2 way through I saw the war inside

behind me war also starting

at the bagging table
(no handbags/bags allowed need to secure in plastic bag)

this is the guarded entrance

omg finally reach!
(credit card rm80 above)

OMG it was a hell hole waiting to pay in Armada Hotel for this sales. They DID NOT IMPROVED AT ALL from all their previous sales experience! what the hell is wrong with them? the line starts from the entrance circling the whole meeting room right up to the U turn to cashier counters. DO BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY I HAVE BEEN STANDING FOR 4 HOURS in this stupid Q since noon. I went there at 10.30am, 30mins waiting to get in. When I finally got in, i started writing all the price n products down until noon. I left at 4.30pm can u believe it? My feet is in pain, my backache, and I am so hungry! dam u Prestige, why can't u have a better paying system with more than 2 counters working??? The line is so slow!!! u guys sux man! from then till now!

this is how it looks inside

so many peolpe this time around!!!

first day Q (orange line)

Basically the Q started from the entrance till the end of each corner until it reach a U-turn before the cashier counters. There was 3 counters but only 2 were open during noon time. The first day Q practically filled the entire room. There were more people Q-ing than shopping. It was a horrible Q that lasted until evening.

see how pack the room is

Very tiring day first day that I regretted going!. This sales do have a lot of affordable perfumes and some has increase by a few ringgit since the last sale. 80% of the products do not have manufacturing labels (an attempt to hide it?). The whole room smells of perfume I feel that I might get nose cancer from staying there from 11am-4.30pm. If there paying Q wasn't that shiatty, it would've been a nice experience just like last year's sale.

Q-cutters is at an extreme here. Manners and years of grooming by your parents fly out the window with even pregnant ladies trying to cut your Q by pretending to be on the handphone. This seems to be the no.1 Q-Cutting Technique in warehouse sales. Talk on the phone, slowly inch your way into the line. Proceed to play games/sms on your phone ignoring the angry people behind you. Aunties also resorted to harassing people who would be reaching the payment counters soon by first befriending you, pitying u for standing hours there and then asking you if u mind help paying for one or two items. Once u agree to help, their family/friends or more item will show up. Lesson to be learn - ignore the harrasers.

Car park is rm5 per entry outside the hotel. Lrt is nearby (Asia Jaya Lrt Station). Taxis is everywhere. Avoid this place during after office hours as it's quite jam here in the evening. A&W is a station away (Taman Jaya). Please don't bring children and if you're pregnant, don't go when everyone will be there. Early morning, before lunch should be ok. NO BAGS/ACCESORIES/GIFTS that comes with perfume in retail shops but sold separately for the past 2 sales starting Corus Hotel and this one. I wonder why? However judging from the 2nd day response, it was a lot more better than the first day I gone through. IS THIRD DAY A CHARM?

Product & Price List compiled by miu.

Amarige Tr set (edt 100, Bath Gel 100ml + lotion 100ml) rm129
Amarige Duo Edt 30ml rm99
Amarige Mariage Duopack dep 30ml rm119
Amarige Mariage pouch set (edp 50ml+lotion 100ml) rm108
Amarige mariage edp 30ml - 69, 50ml rm79, 100ml rm95
Amarige mariage body veil (lotion) 200ml rm51
Lovely prism edt 50ml rm65
Organza edp 50ml - rm105, 100ml rm125
Veri Irresistible Givency (VIG) Set (edp 50ml+15ml) rm109
VIG sensual (edp 50ml + 15ml) rm99
VIG summer edt 2006 (75ml) rm89
VIG Xmas Coffret (Edt 50ml, BLotion+ShowerGel) rm109
VIG Sensual Coffret (edp 50ml+lotion) rm109
VIG Coff edt (75ml+lotion+gel) rm119
VIG summer edt 75ml rm69
VIG millesime edp 60ml rm128
VIG sensual natural spray edp 50ml rm89/75ml rm108
VIG Body cream 200ml rm86
VIG Iridescent body beil 200ml rm57
VIG Deodorant spray 100ml rm41
Homme Blue Label set (edt 100ml+lotion+shower) rm119
Homme Blue Label after hsave 100ml rm65
Gentleman Coffret (edt 100ml+ashave+ashampoo) rm119
Gentleman Edt 100ml - rm89
Givenchy Pour Homme edt 50ml rm75/100ml rm99
PI Edt 100ml rm114
Very Irresistible Givenchy Men (VIGM) Coffret 100ml rm113
VIGM Coffret (edt 50ml + shower 75ml) rm83
VIGM Fresh atitude edt 30ml rm59 /100ml rm89
Xeryus rouge bath shower gel 200ml rm39
Very Irresistible Givenchy Sensual edp duo 30ml rm109
Very Irresistible Givenchy Men Coff edt 100ml rm112
Ange ou Demon edp duo pack 30ml rm129
Ange ou Demon Coff xmas set (edp 100ml +2 lotion) rm149
AMARIGE Coff edt 50ml rm109
Organza Coff 50ml rm115
Very Irresistible Givenchy Coff edt 50ml rm109
YSatis Coff edt 50ml+lotion 100ml rm109
Givency Pour Homme Blue Label Coff edt 100ml 109

that’s all for givenchy (except cosmetics i have yet to list down)

Armand Basi
In Blue edt 50ml rm59
In Blue Shower Gel 200ml rm39
In Red edt 30ml rm49 /50ml rm59/100ml rm69
In Red edp 30ml rm59
In Red Deodorant Spray 100ml rm49
In Red Body Milk 200ml rm49

Angel Schelleser
Esprit DG Femme edt 100ml rm59/150ml rm79
Esprit DG Femme body lotion 200ml rm39
Esprit DG Homme edt 100ml rm59/150ml rm79
Esprit DG Homme aftershave balm 20ml rm35
Esprit DG Homme showergel 200ml rm33
Angel Schlesser female edt 30ml rm45/50ml rm59

U edt 75ml rm39
Black Male edt 75ml rm39
Black Female edt 75ml rm39
Alegria m edt 50ml rm29/100ml rm49
Vetiver EDT 60ml rm29/120ml rm39
Aqua Fresca de rosas edt 60ml rm39/120ml rm55
Aqua Fresca (AD) 60ml rm39/120ml rm55

Banana Republic
Black walnut edt 100ml rm129
Alabas edp 20ml rm59
Jade edp 50ml rm109/100ml rn139
Slate edt 50ml rm99

Antonio Banderas
Spirit Male 50ml rm35/100ml rm55
Spirit Woman 50ml rm35/100ml rm55

edt 50ml rm25

Kylie Minogue
Darling edt 75ml rm75
Sweet Darling edt 30ml rm42/50ml rm49/75ml rm62
Sweet Darling Showtime 75ml rm89

Connect female edt 30ml rm49/50ml rm65/75ml rm78
Connect male edt 30ml rm43/50ml rm59/75ml rm72

Kate Moss
edt 100ml rm79/30ml rm52

Blue edt 100ml rm59
Blue Xmas Edt50ml+125ml gel -rm69

Crystal Noir Set edt 50ml lotion 100ml rm89
Crystal Noir edt 30ml rm61
The dreamer edt 50ml rm61
Summer women body mist 100ml rm49
Red Jeans 75ml rm69
Baby Blue Jeans 50ml rm59
Baby Rose Jeans 50ml rm59

Miss Sixty
Elixir edt 50ml rm51
Rock Muse edt 30ml rm40/50ml rm52/75ml rm64
Summer collection edt 30ml rm40

David Beckham
Intimately edt 50ml rm55/75ml rm69
Intimately night Men edt 30ml rm39/50ml rm49/75ml rm59
Intimately night woman edt 50ml rm49/75ml rm59
Intimate xmas set (15ml+75ml sgel) rm33
Intimate xmas set (50ml+75ml sgel) rm59
Intimate xmas set (15ml+150ml sgel) rm38
David Beckham instinct 30ml rm42/50ml rm55/75ml rm72

Mos OH! edt 25ml rm49/45ml rm62/75ml rm85
Uomo edt 40ml 59/75ml rm79
Mos Uomo 125ml rm109
Uomo edt 40ml rm59
M.Ill set (edt 50ml+lotion+sgel 100ml) rm119
M.Ill Xmas set (Edt100ml+sgel+lotion) rm109
Mos Xmas (c&c 30ml, Ill 30ml, l'eau30ml) rm165
Mos Friends Men edt 40ml rm46
Mos Friends Spring (edt 125ml + a/b 125ml) rm129
Mos Friends Set (edt 75ml + gifts) rm79

Guess for Men edt 75ml rm89

Ada wir set (edt50ml+sgel+lotion) rm59
Ada wir spring coffret (edt50ml+lotion100ml) rm59
Ada Wir Perfume bath shower gel 200ml rm29
Ada Wir perfume body lotion 200ml rm33

Diva edp 50ml rm72/100ml rm95
Aparition edt 50ml rm62/100ml rm82
Aparition facets 50ml rm75

Mandarin Jasmine 100ml rm65
Lavender Tea 100ml rm65
Gap Men Cologne Bold 100ml rm65
Gap Men Cologne Mixed 100ml rm65
Gap the artist 100ml rm75
Gap the lover 100ml rm75
Gap the visionary 100ml rm75
Gap washed cotton 100ml rm65

Feroce edt 100ml rm49
Mitico edt 100ml rm49
Forza edt 100ml rm49
Feroce edt 50ml rm35
Mitico 50ml rm35

Mandarina Duck
Men edt 5oml rm49/100ml rm65
Men Shower Gel 200ml rm29

Mango edt 100ml rm40/50ml rm30
Mango lotion 200ml rm29
Delirium Edt 100ml rm59/60ml rm49/30ml rm39
Delirium edt 60ml limited edition rm59
Ador edt set 5oml+light cream rm42
Adorable edt 100ml rm49
Adorable edt 30ml rm30

Morgan female 30ml rm39/50ml rm59
Morgan Homme 125ml rm75
Morgan Love De Toi 35ml rm49/60ml rm59/100ml rm69
Morgan Glam Star 35ml rm40
Morgan sweet Paradise 60ml rm55
My Morgan 100ml rm79

Aqua 100ml rm64/50ml rm49
Aire 100ml rm59/30ml rm39
Esencia After Shave rm22
Esencia Femme edt 50ml rm55/100ml rm69
Esencia edt 50ml rm55/100ml rm75
Esencia bath gel 150ml rm29
Esencia body lotion 150ml rm33
Esencia deodorant rm33
Esencia toilet case+edt 100ml rm109
LPH edt 50ml rm49/100ml rm59
LSO set (doc holder+75ml edt) rm109
I Love Loewe edt 30ml rm55/50ml rm75/100ml rm99

Paris Hilton
Heir 100ml rm79

Luciano Soprani
IS Uomo edt 50ml rm59
IS Just red edt 50ml rm59/100ml rm69
Joi edt 30ml rm39/50ml rm59
Oamori 60ml rm65/90ml rm79
LS Men 50ml rm59/100ml rm75
Ms Soprani xmas set (50ml+bag) rm62
Ms Soprani edt 30ml rm45/50ml rm59/100ml rm69

Swiss Army
for her 30ml rm26/50ml rm39/100ml rm49
for her body lotion rm29
for her body shower gel rm25

Red 75ml rm79/125ml rm99
Black 75ml rm79/100ml rm99
After Shave rm24
Passion Set (edt50ml+gift) rm79

ST Dupont
Femme edp 30ml rm59/50ml rm75/100ml rm89
Homme edt 30ml rm49/50ml rm69/100ml rm89
Essence Homme 100ml rm79
Essence Femme 100ml rm99

Jeanne Arthes
Amori Absolute edp 100ml rm19
Ces lafete edp 100ml rm19
Ja Cassandra 100ml rm19
rocky man 100ml rm19
co2 femme 100ml rm19
sexy body 100ml rm19
sorento 100ml rm19
JA Coffret 5 Miniatures rm19
Made in Love edp female 100ml rm36
under control 50ml edp rm22
boum 100ml rm19
boum set edp 100ml + gel rm25
Aqua homme 100ml rm19
sultan homme 100ml rm19
girls collection 5 miniatures set rm25
explosive homme 100ml rm19
xpensive 100ml homme rm25
rose bon bon 60ml rm19
fresh juice homme 100ml rm19
Gold collection 5 miniatures rm25
sweet sixteen femme edp 50ml rm19
sexy body hot game 100ml homme rm19
amori 100ml rm19
Bruci homme 100ml rm19
Jeanne edp 60ml rm25
cobra man 100ml rm19
cobra pearl femme edp 100ml rm25
rocky man black 100ml rm19

* going to call it a night. I have to attend Stila's Workshop Event in Pavillion later at 10am! sigh


  1. you went there again? you krazi or what?

    so, what's your haul for second day? i didn't have chance to try the intimate by beckham, otherwise might have bought. antonio is nice but not lasting, huhuhu. as mother always say, cheap cheap no good, good good no cheap....

  2. and what are you doing up so late? no need to sleep? how's Boi2? Hope he gets well soon, send my regards to him.

  3. I went to the wine warehouse sale instead. RM20 per bottle of wine, bought 12 and a rose mateus.

  4. miu...anything to let go??


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