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Isetan Lucky Bag Promotion


click on poster for larger read

I received my Isetan Newsletter last week but a lot of my readers haven't so I'm goin to briefly talk about it here coz IT'S SO DAM IMPORTANT. It's a Share-Fish kinda thing (instead of Sell-Fish). I will try to scan my newsletter tomorrow in office to put it up for everyone to see. For now must settle for a summary version okay?
Basically on Friday @ New Year's Day 2010. Isetan KLCC, Gardens & Lot 10 having BIG BIG LUCKY BAG Promotion/Event. I have never heard of LUCKY BAGS before! Isetan say Fukubukuro (Lucky Bag) is a Japanese New Year's Day custom where merchants make bags filled with unknown random contents and sell them for a substantial amount.

click on poster for larger read

SO the Isetan Lucky Bags will range from cosmetic, clothing, children, supermarket, household lucky bags merchants with price starting from RM50-250 depending on which lucky bag category. Since I am a beauty crazy shopper.. i will show a lucky bag example on Cosmetic merchants k?

Ladies' Sundries - Gardens, KLCC, Lot 10
  • cosmetic 2 sample kit + 1 eyebrow service
  • fragrance 1 vials + 1 skincare sample
  • shoe voucher 6pcs
  • small pouch 1 pc
  • handbag 1 pc
  • costume accessory 1 pc
  • foot comfort stocking 1 pc
  • small accessory/costume accessory 1 pc
Gardens 50 sets, KLCC 100 sets, Lot 10 50 sets = at RM100.

Limited quantities: one customer = one lucky bag only! while stocks last. No reservation. Terms & conditions apply.


  1. i've heard of this Japan Fukubukuro bag before and now we can have it in m'sia too? Cool!!! :D

  2. so nice of u..sharing this info..
    my bf is isetan member, but he never got newsletter geh??(or he purposely hide all these great deals from me??>.<)

  3. T.T I just got the newsletter today, and almost cried when I saw it, coz I won't be in town then so CANNOT BUY T.T

  4. Shin Shin!!let's go together!!XD

  5. my sis steal my newsletter!!! T.T
    i knew got such great offer but dunno details abt it ><
    seems like every1 plan to go n grab it^^

  6. Is for everyone, or members only?

  7. is it open for isetan members only?

  8. jean, i really wish to go! but hor, will it be very crowded? i dont wan my baby to squeeze @_@

    cant wait to see the newsletter and get more details on it~ :)

  9. OMG! Fukubukuro!!!
    This is madness....

    You can get all those stuffs you listed with just RM100???

    OMGOMGOMG! Should I borrow money to buy???? T_T

  10. happy birthday miu....today is your birthday rite?

  11. aiyo...bestnye with rm100, so many things u dapat...


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