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Hammam Baths Bangsar Village 2


heard of Hammam? or tried it?

For two years I have been itching to go to Hammam at Bangsar Village 2 Shopping Centre, ever since Xana (who's now staying in Singapore) brought me there to talk to her friend (I remember it was a man of exotic looks). It was a rare sight for me. I been to many spas but I have not seen a Turkish inspired spa place before, one that calls themselves Hammam! they're apparently the one and only in Asia! the spa lady told me today as I was inquiring. The brochure says Hamman is the first traditional Moroccan version of the Turkish Bath in Asia. Hammam also means spreader of warmth in Arabic and has it's roots in Ancient Greek bathroom culture.

A Unique Turkish Bath Experience

"A Town is incomplete without a Hammam"
- Sherazade, A thousand and one nights.

the vibrant exotic colors will get you started

i like their website, but it's still under
construction after 2 years!

Now you might wonder why I didn't go in after 2 years? well, first the price is.. *jaw drops*. Take a look at the menu. Anyway it probably ain't much different from other spas. and it is a luxury spa place because of it's uniqueness. I was just at Amante Spa today for my aromatherapy massage and that costs rm119 for 1 hour. A jacuzzi & body scrub is an additional RM120. That would be rm200 over already. For Hammam, if you get the packaged treatments, it would save you some $$. I researched and calculated the services on the menu and even inquired directly with the spa lady at Hammam today.

Hammam Baths at Bangsar Village II
(updated: June 2010)

I found out that the best treatment for those who wants to try Hammam would be the My Favourite Concubine Hammam treat for RM315. Wait hear me out first! It's also common in spas to buy packages (5 + 1, etc) and the best priced package is the "My Favourite Concubine Hammam" package RM1,250.00 for 5 sessions @ RM250 per session. Now get 5 girls to go and walah! u can try Hammam's signature treatments! Now that's RM250 (saving you rm85, which is the price of a rose hair masque) for 4 treatments as describe below:

Step One - Hammam
Hot water is used to acclimatise body to room temperature. A layer of Beldi Black Soap (a substance of olive and eucalyptus oil) is applied onto the body and is left on for 10 minutes. This swells up the epidermis layer, killing bacteria and also soften dead skin.

Step Two - Gommage
Gommage (scrub in French), is done to remove dead skin off the body. It is done using a glove that has silk materials so that it will not be too harsh for the skin.

Step Three - Moorish Body Polish (Hair Masque add rm85)

After skin is stripped off of dead skin, a layer of Moroccan volcanic clay mixed with seven kinds of dried plants was applied and left on for 10 minutes. As an extra treat, a hair masque was also applied. This hair masque is a mixture of volcanic clay, olive oil and Damascus rosewater.

Step Four – Rinse
Using a shower gel with rosemary essence and a geranium shampoo, both body and hair masque were rinsed off.

Then follow by the 45mins Aromatic massage & we can rest as long as we want if nobody is around. I read that the massage is not very different from other massages you get so 45mins is enough. What I really want to try is the Hammam, Gommage, Moorish Body Polish and Hair Masque and lay around sipping tea and taking in the Moroccan atmosphere. I will be making appointment with them next month and hopefully I get more pictures of the place (if nobody is around, coz have to respect ppl there).

P.S: Anyone notice the cool names of the treatments? I'm so going to be a favourite concubine soon haha.

For enquiries, call 03-2282 2180 or log on to www.hammambaths.com


  1. This is the first time i heard of Hammam. OMG it look like a palace to me. Would love to try but is too pricey... any promotion goin on? :)

  2. yeah Ken Bee! i really wanna try :) especially the hair masque..heard it's so good. There's no promotion, so the only choice is to go buy a package that has 5 sessions in it, find 5 ppl and each person only pay RM250 for a RM315 treatment of 2 hours!

    - hammam
    - gommage
    - moorish body polish (optional add RM85 rose hair masque)
    - massage 45mins

  3. bangsar seldom go like never go lol... dear dont like go there.

  4. sherry: seem u :( dun really go around these areas

  5. Hi Miu! I usually just lurk around your blog to read your great write-ups. But coincidentally, I just went to do Hammam & Gomage treatment yesterday! It's a really great experience - you can see your dirt & dead skin cells flying whilst doing the gommage scrub. My skin definitely felt softer & dunno if it's just my imagination, it also looked a bit brighter!

    Hope to see your review on the treatment soon!

  6. Me too Miu..I already try yesterday and it was superb! Glad i take the package for a year and yah will do every month.

  7. Hey SMS! sorry just saw ur msg here! your comment on dirt & dead skin cells made me confirm my session on my next stalk there! XD thank u!

  8. Anonymous: OH!!! a year's package? O_O 12 sessions? how much! boy u r rich.. $_$

  9. hai miu,
    my fren talk about this hammam..n i google about it n come across ur blog..
    we r planning to do this b4 my wedding..maybe like a bachelorette party..
    do u think if we buy the package n use it all 5 at the same time is acceptable??

  10. really good experience. i feel so fresh today!besides, i love the pastries and tea so much!

  11. i tried it last year....worth paying rm200+ for the hammam and gomage and massage. totally invigorating! the tea was good and the baklava, just nice.

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  13. have to be naked? For men same also?

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