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Help Needed! Tumpang to Jurlique Workshop


A reader of mine name Cindy from Cheras is attending the Jurlique workshop this Saturday afternoon session. She's from Cheras and has no transport. I have no transport too so it's difficult. Anyone from Cheras heading to the workshop too? Please leave your email here so Cindy can contact you for a lift. She could share cab from KLCC to Curve (that's the last resort if no carpool) but it will be hard to go back after 5pm from Curve to Cheras. Any kind soul out there please leave a tinker.


  1. hie, miu, i can take her from klcc to the curve, and from the curve back to cheras also !

  2. wendy u live in cheras? u r so nice! i will tell her the good news! God Bless u Wendy :)

  3. Actually if you can take the LRT to Kelana Jaya, there's a free bus to Ikano (which is opposite Curve). Save money and dont get a cab.

    Bus schedule is here : http://ikano.com.my/gettinghere/freeshuttle.php - but do go earlier coz sometimes they're not punctual due to traffic


    Miu, i really touch..(really hard for me to describe my feeling now) U even put the help msg in your blog..the famous plusizekitten blog!! OMG.. *crying crying*

    Wendy, thanks for the nice offer..i'll contact u by email! thousand thanks..

  5. thanks Ice Nyior for the directions! next time i can do that too..taxi nowadays is expensive..

  6. Cindy: u overreacting leh..my blog not very famous lah.. u dun cry pls! just helping another sister out. We're are all sisters in this world! just too bad i dun have car.. if not i can drive you also.

    Big Thanks to Wendy for her gracious help to carpool Cindy!!!

  7. Miu...i didnt over act la!! your blog is really famous!! even i went for my korean language class, i saw ppl reading your blog ler!! honestly, u are HOT!!

    another things, i feel very nervous..is my 1st time join the aromatherapy workshop with so many famous blogger; specially MIU!! wow.. ^^

  8. O_O sure BOH.. i thought nobody read my blog wan. Mostly comments all empty like zombie land. I beginning to feel maybe should close it down only coz spending too much time.. n everytime need update shopping haul..making me bankrupt haha...

    u don't worry about the workshop, be yourself and make friends. Mostly everyone i meet is very friendly. You gona friend Wendy first, she's a nice girl. She will intro u more to other ppl. Also u won't have time talkin liao, this workshop u gona learn how to mix ur own essential oil. Maybe u will laughing a lot.. mix salah ke..apa ke..

  9. Hi Miu I'm June.

    Although I'm neither being fetched or fetching people, it is really touching that you make such efforts for friends!

    Its good to have kind people in this world! :D

  10. Hi June,

    O_O ah!!! u r so funny! "I'm neither being fetched or fetching people" <-- i like it.

    Oh.. thanks for your compliment, ini case kena jaga species sama sama u noe! (laugh evilly)


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