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Kiehl's and Magazines go Green!


World Environment Day 5th June

Kiehl's teamed up with Eh!, Female Magazine, Nuyou and Glam Magazines to produce these cool eco tote bags for World Enviroment Day on 5th June. There's only 600 bags per design in Malaysia. You get to choose a design when you purchase 2 items from Kiehl's. It was a good time for me to restock my Herbal Shampoo Scalp Treatment For Dandruff Control as well coz June is Kiehl's Father's Day promotion month so with every rm100 purchase customers get an instant rm10 rebate off.

I choose the Female Magazine design :D
(and got rm10 discount too!)

four designs of the Kiehl's green tote bag
Female Magazine's spread

Glam Magazine's

Eh! Magazine's

Nuyou Magazine's

Surprisingly I just counted my June Magazine stash and I have all the magazines except EH! which I hardly buy hmmmmmm. Anyway the eco bag that I got, it's light and shaped like a T-shirt. Reminding me of the Estee Lauder's Beautiful Earth eco-bag too which is more colorful (but material is different). Oh Origin's chico t-shirt bag (received comments that it's kinda disappointing after the first few days of using it - becomes crumply and wrinkly) and the I don't get wasted bag is great too. I like the green big leaf on the GAP unbleached cotton bag which I redeem last month (but the smell...). This looks like a green bag invasion people! which is your favorite?


  1. I dont know as no get any tote bag

  2. Liking my Origins one. But I want Kiehl's too! Oh, so if we buy 4 items can get 2 baggies? I need to stock up on me pressies too!

  3. sherry: O_O ah... what u mean

  4. Abby: yeah i think that would work... if dun work, can always split receipt haha...

  5. can just buy the bag only ??

  6. :( complimentary if u buy 2 items from kiehl's only.. sob sob

  7. tooooooo bad !! :( :(

  8. hi miu,
    i've been looking for an eye cream and eye alert from kiehl's kinda caught my eye..i just wanna know whether it does work or not.thank you!


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