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Le Ann Maxima Fashion Fanfare Party


It's a Fashion Party!

Calling all LAM Fans! (LAM stands for Le Ann Maxima) They have just announce a MONDAY SURPRISE on their facebook page. A Le Ann Maxima Fanfare Party with fashion show, freebies, promotions, prizes and models grazing their store next Friday 16/11 at Le Ann Maxima, Jaya One Boutique! Pss..there's where I got my beautiful long dresses from!
During that day, LAM Members & Fans will be rewarded with:-
1) Lots of freebies 

2) Fall/Holiday Fashion Showcase
3) Makeup Demonstration from Amber Chia Academy's Makeup GURU - Jil Yong
4) Foods
5) Retail Therapy
6) Q&A session for more FREEBIES !

RSVP before the 12th of Nov & get a FREE Goodie Bag with more freebies inside ! pls call 03 7957 3811 to RSVP. Thank you all our LAM Members & Fans for the tremendous support of our brand all these years, its time for us to show some appreciation and gather around for a fun and exciting day !

from LAM Facebook Fan Page.


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