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Samsung MV900F: Take Self-Portrait using Gesture Shot!


this week's topic on my pink Samsung Smart Camera

You know I have been exploring my pink smart camera from Samsung that I won? Well there's so many features that I like to use and this week I thought I'd share the one where I take camwhoring to the next level. Imagine this, you have a nice outfit on and you would like to take Outfit of the Day (OOTD) but there's no one to help you snap a picture and it's so tedious to set up a tripod and have a remote control by your side. What's the easiest way you can capture your great shot without any help but yours? just by using some 2-3 hand movements!

What's Gesture Shot?

Gesture Shot takes self- and group portraits out of your hands. Prop the camera up by using the Flip-out Display as a kickstand. Sweep your arm clockwise to zoom in, or counter-clockwise to zoom out. Then move your hand up and down twice to release the shutter for the perfect hands-free shot.

move your hands to snap a pic!

 in 3 easy steps (source: yourdigitalspace.com)

It's real easy, I just select the gesture shot feature in the camera, place it on a table and use only 3 hand movement signals to instruct my camera to either zoom in, zoom out or take a photo. It's going to be hard to record a video to show you how it's done so please watch this video by Samsung on how the gesture shot works. The video also tells you other great features my camera has :) 

I'm such a show off... haha

For more information about my Samsung Smart Camera MV900F click here!


  1. *Jealous mode On*... Why Tammy? Why??? Why no bring camera show me that day?

    1. lol next round lah okies! :D we can camwhore together

  2. this function is cooler than mine!!! mine is just motion shutter lerr, can't zoom one..i like urs!


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