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Thank you Autumn! Love them Jeans!


yesterday pos laju visited me

Yesterday I receive a package from Mr.Pos Laju and it was kinda heavy! I opened it and there it was, two Levi's Jeans (plus size) from my reader Autumn! so nice of her to give me an early Christmas present. I love the colors and the boot cut. I always wear boot cut coz it makes my thunder thighs and legs appear "slimmer". I'm wearing the jeans today and thought why not I take a picture to show how much I love them! Thanks Autumn for the special gift *hugs*.

this pic is dedicate to Autumn! thanks so much babe


  1. Hi Autumn, how nice of you to share with Tammy. I dun mind receiving it too.. Hahah.

    Tammy, you deserve it as you bring joy and hapiness to our daily life with your info on blog. Entertaining thou :))

    1. *faints* don't steal my Autumn away Suzanna!!! u got Angel & Jolene sayang u de, I dun have any sisters sayang me!

      u guys wanna adopt me as ur kai mui or not?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. hahaha.. u r part of whom me n my sis love to chat and stalk... dun worry, u are well loved by all of the ppl here la Tammy :)

  2. you have such a lovely reader...so sweet of her!

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