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Pinch of Salt Card Birthday Voucher


 got my birthday RM30 e-voucher!

Woke up in the morning to read my email & big smile hit me!!! yay I received my birthday RM30 e-voucher credited into my Pinch of Salt card for my birthday! and my birthday is tomorrow so it's super good timing! Readers, I recommend you to sign up for this card for RM40 if you like dining in Italiannies or TGIF Fridays because of the 3 reasons below:

  • Members can enjoy a 10% rebate from subtotal bill
  • Instant redemption of one (1) RM40 e-voucher can be made immediately when members purchase the Pinch of Salt card
  •  One (1) RM30 birthday e-voucher will be issued two (2) weeks before the birth date and is valid for 1 month from the time of issuance

The only setback from being a member is to purchase the card from TGIF Fridays at RM40 BUT you get back your RM40 so there's no losing! The RM40 is preloaded into your card and expires in a month. It can also be redeem immediately after purchase. 

watch the Pinch of Salt card video! so cute

3 reasons why you should get this card

I bought my card from Italiannies on Christmas Eve after having our super expensive dinner there. Surprisingly weird that the staff told me I can't use my rebate today (when it states on the website it's instant redemption) maybe what he meant was on festive seasons? (but didn't see any conditions saying can't be use on festive days with the exception of happy hours). Anyway I already finish my meal actually! so I didn't mind what he said haha.

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  1. Bad thing is...for us, since we're Jan babies. You can't combine the RM70 and use straight away. Must be 2 different visits. Sigh...

  2. happy belated birthday miu!
    I'm long lost from the internet =.= been sick for a period of time T.T
    will need some time to catch up your posts again ^.^ still love your posts always!
    you look more radiant! izit because of bride-to-be effect?

    hugs, shiro


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