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  • My Pangkor Laut Spa Village Experience


    the luxurious Spa Village, Pangkor Laut

    A friend is going to Pangkor Laut for a holiday trip her boyfriend won from Cumi & Ciku's blog (so lucky couple!!!) so I'm like voodooing her to go get a massage from the famed Spa Village. At least a day to enjoy the wonderful spa facilities and environment should be good to rejuvenate one's mind, body and soul here. The place is so beautiful, many of my friends couldn't get enough of Spa Village. We think it's the best spa we have so far in Malaysia! until a spa could prove us wrong, this will be our no.1 voted luxury spa in Malaysia.

    Luciano Pavarotti was here!

    the infinity pool only for spa guests

     natural music around the spa village by the waves

    I miss this place so much

     the welcome lounging area

    you can sip tea while waiting

    The Spa Village comprises a number of specially built structures designed to facilitate an extensive range of treatments from China, Japan, India, Thailand, Bali and Malaysia. These include eight treatment pavilions, a deluxe Belian Treatment Pavilion, three 'Healing Huts', which include Chinese Herbal, Ayurvedic and Malay Huts, two Bath Houses, three Spa Huts, three Nap Gazebos and a Spa Boutique. 22 beautiful Spa Villas situated over the sea offer direct access to the Spa Village.

     your Bath House Ritual starts with your foot

    Granted the treatments here are higher compare to your usual spas in the city. A deluxe massage 50mins cost me RM290. Fortunately, I manage to get a discounted price for RM250 by my travel agent (recommended by Candy Lee). However it was worth paying RM250 for what I experience here because with any treatment guests are entitled to the special Spa Village experience, a YTL Pangkor signature that's found in every hotel resort they have. At Pangkor Laut's Spa Village your treatment will begin with their unique Bath House Ritual, representing various bathing traditions from around Asia.

    with every purchase of a treatment (min 50mins) you'll be enjoying YTL Pangkor Laut Spa Village's unique Bath House Ritual that lasts from 45mins to an hour before your actual treatment starts. Take is as a bonus and it's worth the try!

    this where you'll be seated

    first the soothing foot bath with flowers

    foot wash & light massage

    an invigorating Chinese Foot Pounding previously only
    enjoyed by the concubines of feudal China. 

     the changing room where you change into your sarong

     traditional Malay 'circulating' bath

    the Bath House Ritual begins here where your senses will be awaken by the cold waters of the traditional Malay circulating bath. Take a minute to breath in the surroundings, this is the most beautiful sight for the Bath House Ritual.

     I have to walk through this, it's very cold!

    there's a wishing well on the left

    throw a coin & make a wish here

    after the circulating bath, you'll come right up here where the air is filled with different scents of boiling herbs, each with it's own healing properties. I took my time smelling from one corner to another...

    then you'll come to the four senses area

    stop at each corner & inhale the boiling herbs coming out

     separate female & male Japanese Bath House

     Japanese-style cleansing with a 'goshi-goshi' cloth

    I was surprised to find my next bath ritual is at the Japanese Bath House! a mini one to be exact. I sat there with the water running, reminiscing myself in Japan washing my hair and using the hand pail to wash down the bubbles.

    don't need to go to Japan anymore to enjoy bath house

    followed by a dip in the heated Rotenburu pool

    next a man made Rotenburu pool, which means open air hot spring. I enjoyed my bath here sipping tea while the cooling breeze blows against the warmth of the hot spring pool.

     escorted to Shanghai for the last bath ritual

    a change of clean & dry sarong b4 you go for treatment

    All throughout the bath rituals, you'll be wearing your sarong so it'll be wet by the time you reach Shanghai room where the professional spa staff will give you a gentle exfoliating wash with their signature Shanghai Scrub. In Shanghai, this is traditionally offered exclusively to males. After your scrub, enjoy a cup of calming tea in our tranquil surroundings before you begin your spa treatment.

     enjoy the surroundings

     plenty of places to rest & relax

     set your eyes on the beautiful sea

    the spa huts where you'll begin your treatment

    after treatment, you can still rest at any of the huts outside

    I really recommend anyone who's staying at Pangkor Laut to go for the Spa Village. You're getting an experience of a lifetime here in Malaysia. Pay for a massage yes it might make a hole in your pocket but the unique Bath House Ritual which lasts from 45mins to an hour, is a bonus for you before you treatment begins! Having said that, do arrive extra early to enjoy the area before you start your spa session. For a list of treatments and prices click here.

    Almost forgotten, my deluxe massage therapy 50mins was heavenly! using essential oils to massage my back, it felt like the therapist was caressing every bit of the senses I have left after being so relaxed. A perfect end to my Bath Ritual experience, I fell asleep not even 10mins into my massage. It was a combination of long strokes with the gentleness of a female spirit. Like making love to my back.

    Also remember the sarong? you get to wear it and bring it back as a memento from your Spa Village experience at Pangkor Laut. It's a batik sarong!

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    1. That makes me feel like I need a spa massage immediately! :(

      1. Oh.. it's what every girl needs.. once a while! :D

    2. Gosh temptation overload! Guess I have to start saving up all my angpau money and go sometime. Thanks for sharing as always Tammy!

      1. I want to try Spa Village Ritz Carlton too, to see what's the unique experience there. Still saving up for that >_<!

    3. Its been one busy month behind... i miss stalking your page Tammy :).. great to see so many fabulous post by yours. Pangkor Laut Resort seems like a relaxing place to be.... Hope to be there soon :))... have a great xmas and new year ahead!!!

      1. yeah I was wondering where u were suddenly! I was lucky to get the Resident Package RM799 per pax. Heard YTL is scrapping that off now :( sad!!! I love Pangkor Laut so much

    4. nice photos!! ah.. u make me miss YTL resort already..

    5. you know in japan (and korea) in the female bath house, everyone throws of their clothes and starts scrubbing themselve with a mitten. then shower. and then shampoo.. you got take out all your clothes and srcrub urself in front of the other females or not? Kekekek

    6. Hi, thank you for sharing this place! Wonderful environment!
      btw,the signboard of the "female" looks funny and interesting!

    7. been to pangkor laut, really regret not trying the Spa Village after reading this!!!

    8. Travel is about relaxing and nothing is even better spending time at a best cheap spas in Manhattan, let the therapist helps you to release out the stress in the body. Its great experience,,

    9. This blog is truly awesome in all aspects. CranioSomatic


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