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  • My Banyan Tree Spa Publika Review


    I love settings like these! so relaxing

    This review is way back when I was still staying in Mont Kiara, back then I would try all the foot massage / reflexology shops around Solaris & Publika. The best was Oriental Blitz which I missed so much now. I bet they missed me too. I'm a foot massage junkie. Anyway today I'll introduce a nice foot massage place in Publika called Banyan Tree Spa. No, it's not connected to the famed Banyan Tree overseas. This is a one floor outlet with simple modern Thai interior design.

    It's Thai btw, traditional Thai massages, aromatherapy or herbal balls. There's a small place for foot massage, only 3 seats. Surprisingly quiet during the day. I tried their Thai massage before (omg agony) and aromatherapy herbal ball massage (super expensive RM165++). They keep your herbal ball in the fridge for a few months, which u can reuse for a second time.

    foot massage area 3 seats only

    but spacious & quiet for your session

    love the relaxing ambiance it creates

    foot massage begins with foot bath with lime & sea salt scrub

    then massage for an hour

    cold towels upon arrival & warm towels for after treatment
    (served with tea of course)

    Happy Hours 10am - 3pm or claim your discount by referring their facebook 

    the shop exterior

    Now I should come up with a massage/spa rating right? I'll think about it. Anyway I totally recommend this place if you're looking for massage and spa around Publika, Solaris Dutamas. The price is higher than your average Chinese massage shop, similar to Thai Odyssey's pricing. It's sure not Thai priced listing which I wish. I love the foot massage and the ambiance. Especially like the fact that they bath my feet in lime water rather than just dipping it in warm water. They also used a sea salt scrub after washing my feet! weee....love this.

    My foot massage was done in a light-firm strength, just perfect. Slept like a baby! =^-^=

    Price List:
    Head Massage 60min / rm78
    Back & Shoulders 30min / rm58
    Foot Massage 60mins / rm68
    Thai Traditional Massage 60min / rm98, 90min / rm138, 120min / rm178
    Aromatherapy Massage 60min / rm118, 90min / rm168, 120min / rm198
    (Oil massage lavender, lemongrass, green tea, jasmine or white rose.

    *Price subjected to 10% service charge & 6% govt tax. All products from Thailand.

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    Banyan Tree Spa
    Unit A2-1-8 Solaris Dutamas,
    No. 1, JLN. Dutamas 1
    50480 Kuala Lumpur,

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/banyantree.spa.3?fref=ts

    Open Daily 10am - 12am
    Contact: 010-506 0465

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    1. Wah Tammy, you really enjoy these kinda massages leh! :D Envy envy~ XD

    2. Haha babe I've always loved a good massage! :D I go frequently ^_^

    3. I thought of the actual Banyan Tree at first lol

      EH!? "They keep your herbal ball in the fridge for a few months"?? Means one per customer and they label your herbal ball in hopes you come back? OMG...

    4. just read your review of the spa, omg rm98 for 60 minutes thai massage? Wow -thats even more expensive than thai odyssey!! Recommend my favourite thai spa in ttdi - they are called amanwadi, and they are directly opposite the pasar besar taman tun (on wan kadir 2 i think). According to the boss they have been in operation for 9 years plus, and their ambience is really cosy, clean and thai centric. And best of all their thai massage is only RM52 per hour, like half the price! Their number is 03-77296880 or you can call the boss (Gerald) directly at 016-3322678.

      1. Do they do foot massage? Will check out when I feeling adventurous for foot massage in TTDI :)

        I'm not into Thai Massage as it's quite painful for me. Thai Oddyssey is RM88 for an hour (without the 16% tax) yet. Which in the end is more expensive than Banyan Tree Spa bcoz their tax is already included in the menu price.

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