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  • Bangkok Day 1 - James Fashion


    doin the tango

    After lunch, I forgot to mention that we went to JAMES FASHION to order some tailored made shirts for my brother. Apparently James Fashion is very popular in Bangkok! (TOP in Tailored Made Clothing) My brother specifically told me to order 3 working shirts for him at the price of 900bath each at the 2nd floor where all the high quality materials are. My brother ordered a few shirts here earlier this year and he was really impressed with the quality, workmanship and the price (all men seems to swear by Bangkok’s affordable & quality tailored made clothing).

    It is because of my brother’s brainwashing, that my bf also made it a point that when we arrived in Bangkok, we should head straight to James Fashion to pick out, bargain and order working shirts (especially from 2nd floor). What’s more amazing? they will tailor made it to whatever designer style u want! Hugo Boss? Versace? G.Armani?

    ops he's not 2 happy about me takin pics

    My bf ordered 4 working shirts and a suit. The suit is made using a light weight material from Hugo Boss (which costs him a bomb). My jaw dropped open when I heard the $$ but my bf said it’s way more expensive back home to make a basic suit. OH in that case I’m happy for u big guy!

    Before we leave Rui (the super hard to bargain sales guy on the right who exudes a Trump aura) explain to us that everything will be taken care of for us. We only need place an order, come the next day to be fitted (wow that’s fast) and on the 3rd day our order will be delivered free of charge to our hotel. At any point of time, if we have any problems coming to the shop, they will arrange a transport for us (foc) to go get fitted and to be back in our hotel again! And if there is anything wrong with the clothing (which there will not be claims Rui proudly) they will take it back n sent it back to us again (foc) to our hotel or back at our country (foc!) OMG AMAZING?!

    ^_^ Bangkok Day 2 will be out soon!


    1. yup, my first experience is with james fashion too. they claimed to be able to receive order by email, i tried but nothing happened.

      i found another tailor at mbk, quite good and mucho cheapo, i told you to try mbk. but if suit is what you want, then, i guess james fashion is better.

      boi2 getting ready for D-Day kah? must tell me earlier if you going to gimme any red bomb you know, gotta save money, penny by penny, otherwise, small angpow only :p

    2. Jamie thinks now that is the way to get a suit, because they are made to fit you I have only worn off the rack suits and have never had any of them fit me until I happened to be in a second hand store where I had to get a cheap suit! it was a custom made one from England for some body (I forget the name) but he must have been built like me so for $15 I got the best suit I had ever had too bad I keep growing and the suit didn't fit any more but that's the way to do it! And he probably looks better in it!

    3. yea lah! why don't listen to uncle? He made a survey by entering nearly every tailor shops ya know!

    4. didn't survey all the shops all. mbk got like easily 20 - 30 tailor shop, how to survey all?

      but i got good bargain lah, like 5 pants 6 shirts for 1200, and the shirts are all double stitched compared to James, only single stitched, so, more structured and look nicer lor. am thinking of going back there to do some since i have "in grown" most of my wardrobes, instead of "out grown" like Jamie.

    5. hi miu, i just back from BKK last thursday!!! :) what a coincidence!

      my bf got the urge to tailor made himself a suit but when i asked him, "where do you want to wear this to?", he hold back and walk away from one of the tailor shop in MBK. lol~ (^____^)

    6. Well James is kinda good I especially like their material. Its good quality (only at 2nd floor), downstairs material is so so nia. I didn't go MBK because this Miu always tired tired tired walk to much or some other excuse.


      To clarify, JAMES FASHION = SCAM !!!!

      This is not custom clothing in any way. Feeding off of tourists, James Fashion presents itself as a tailor, but is so incompetent that they cannot manage to produce a simple shirt. They take your measurements, and then present you with a "custom" shirt that is in fact an off-the-rack, low-quality mess. Then, they are not even able to alter it into a reasonable facsimile of a "custom" shirt.

      This is yet another high-pressure sales scam fed by tuk-tuk drivers delivering unlucky tourists. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stay away from this place. If you have the misfortune of being brought here, just turn around and walk out the door. Your tuk-tuk driver may get angry, but who cares? He is also in on the scam! In case there is any confusion here... JAMES FASHION = SCAM

    8. Hey,

      was wondering if you guys can recommend me any good tailor shops at mbk? Thanks in advance!

    9. Hi,

      we been recommended by a lot of friends to go to James Fashion. The quality and price compared to in Malaysia is a deal for us. Do bargain with them though.. the more u buy the more discounts.

    10. Bangkok tailors are giving awesome services. When I went to Bangkok one of my friend told me about Bangkok tailors and really it was great experience. thanks Bangkok tailors.


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