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  • House Bunny Playboy Bunny Fun!


    A long overdue review on House Bunny which I have watched not 1 time BUT twice on the big silver screen with both times a preview before it was released in cinemas in Malaysia. If you know me, I rarely talked about watching a movie twice but I do yes, once upon a time when Jurrasic Park & Titanic was a big hit.

    Coming back to House Bunny, I have always loved Anna Faris the silly dumb girl who can manage to act all innocent, dumb and annoyed at the same time funny in her movies such as the famous Scary Movie & it's sequel. This time I didn't recognize her in all that make up and boob enchancement job! but when I watched the trailer I knew it was her in an instant. Her signature "duhhh" look and attempt to speak human talk.

    This show is so hilariously funny. There's a lot of sexxxxxxxxxy chicks (as Anna Faris @ Shelly like to stress) makeover fun, sexy philantropic ideas like "Car Wash anyone wants a Car Wash!" in bikini clad Anna, and the amazing GIRLS OF ZETA CALENDAR which threw me off my chair laughing (even for a second time).

    Shelly (Anna Faris) just turn 27 years old (59 in bunny years) and got kicked out of the playboy mansion. Out with no job, she follow her instincts to a sorority house and declare that she is going to be their new house mother (my 1st time hearing of such thing in sorority houses as I've never seen any "house mother" in those chick sorority flicks before). The downside? the sorority house she went to is full of outcasted nerds, geeks and probably creatures from Star Wars. The good? Shelly uses her playboy tips & tricks to makeover the outcasts into the hottest girls in campus. They even had an amazing Aztec party sacrificing a virgin into jello volcano of doom. Like Shelly says, show skin here, here, there and here. This show will make any guy sit up and stare. As sexy as it seems, the girls soon realize the importance of being themselves even Shelly.

    A good movie to catch, especially with Catherine Mcphee (acting as a pregnant and not so smart girl) and Demi & Bruce Willis's daughter (all finally grown up) in this movie as the tin can from your junkyard dreams. If anyone can spot her awesome!

    Demi Moore & Bruce Willis's daughter

    Btw this movie is produced by Adam Sandler! 4 STARS in chick flick goodness.


    1. Jamie thinks it should be a good one to watch on video for me! But Demi Moore & Bruce Willis's Daughter looks like Demi but also like a pudgy Wenona Rider! But it sounds like it was a huge amount of fun!

    2. this movie almost killed me with boredom! =(

    3. Jamie wants to know who the weird kid is ????? Are you referring to no movie is good enough for Hurley or Jamie who will watch everything on video!


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