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Eagle Eye - a one eye eagle?

Just back from watching Eagle Eye at Cathay Cineleisure and wow, this movie creeps me out. Not in the horror-monster way but in the way that if our future were relied upon the mysterious voice that calls your handphone (or someone else's handphone) to talk to u and make you do things you don't want to. Hell would be next door.

The plot of the story is the secret of the voice which if I review it here would be a big disaster for the movie (or maybe is just about WHY the calls???). Everyone wants to watch this movie because of the "mysterious caller" and I guess I better not spoil it! BUT I will tell you this movie is GOOD!

What can go wrong with a Shia LaBeouf movie? from a funny kid sitcom to transformer to working along super stars to becoming the main hero in his own movies, Shia is the BOMB! (and you'll find out this movie has bombs too). Action packed, road accidents, bombs, secret agents and a mysterious voice. This will keep your heart pumping. 4 stars in my books.


  1. i will take your word for it and probably catch the movie on dvd.

  2. if you have got the dvd, pinjam ya .. hehe

    see my catch at FOS stock clearance
    gap d&g etc lots

  4. thx 4 d tips...i will defnatly go watch tis i'm shia's fan..


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