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    I can't believe that my hardisk died yesterday while I was blogging about ambp travel ambassadors. I was on fire to look for the rest of the bloggers, and had like 10 sites open when suddenly my pc slowed down to a halt, internet cut off. I restarted my pc and it wouldn't go back to my desktop anymore. My pc is now at the doctor and confirmed my hardisk is gone. Everything I have saved - pics, manga, anime, scrapbooking stuffs EVEN WORK are all wiped. Even my Bangkok pictures are there. There is no way to retrieve them back, but at least I had some pictures on Face Book thank god. I really can't believe it could happen to me.
    Did my hardisk died or was my pc attacked by a virus? I knew something unsual was happening when I browse some blogs sites. I just leave it maybe I open too many blogs? Perhaps maybe my computer didn't like blogs and just gone to heaven. I'm so sad. Looks like even if I had the time to blog I couldn't now.
    My alternatives will be using my bf's laptop for a while or going to the cybercafe. I hope my pc comes back soon. I still have some blogging to do!!!


    1. boi2 is quite a computer expert right? may be he can recover some of those files, you know, the info is supposed to be there still, only how to recover it.

      hard disk nowadays very cheap only what, just replace the hard disk and you are in business already. don't sob or sweat over it lah.

    2. Jamie...One thing everyone should do is buy an external Hard Drive to this you save everything you want to keep that way you can unhook it or hook it up to the computer and after you have scanned the files you wish to save for any problems then you save them off of the regular computer! If you can you get one of those ones with hot swappable bays so when it gets full you can remove it and put it aside!BECAUSE IT SUCKS TO LOOSE ALL YOUR PHOTOS AND DOWNLOADED GOODIES!!!! And if you run windows you are guaranteed a virus will mess with your operating system and one file can kill everything!!!! I feel for you another thing is every year or less I usually format and reinstall my operating system and programs to keep my computer fast and working good! Good luck and hopefully everything works out for you but after you have this happen one or two times then you smarten up and save things as for burning to DVD or CD they do not last forever but a Hard drive will last for a long long long time without a problem!
      Again good luck and hope everything workers out not sure what computer you use or OS or virus protection!?

    3. as for me, i upload everything unto the cyber space and sometime, i forgot the passwords, hahaha

      only recently i got myself a external hdd, but i only saved movies inside it, i guess, i should save some of the other files to it. i save the most important things in my pen drive though, which i carry everywhere, hahaha - including a scanned copy of my passport, just in case i am in overseas and i need a copy should anything happened.

    4. Jamie... The only bad thing about thumb drives and any solid state devices they are only good for so many times written too and are pron to dieing when used in too many different computers because of voltage fluctuations so flash drives are good but used on the same computer and written on only once they will last a long time! used everywhere and data changed in them often they die faster! only a Hard Drive will last a long time so if you can get one hot swappable and organize your data then you too can be an anal-nerd!
      I feel so sorry for her it is as maddening as it is depressing!

    5. Hi Miu,

      What? OMG, Sorry. I waited for so long, then a little bit on "James Fashion" and now I will not get my fav blog drama from "HK TVB" anymore?

      Can your Doc be trusted? Sometimes the Doc said gone and ask u to buy a new one so he make more $. Sorry, maybe only la..

      Sometimes crashed HD data are recoverable with proper skills and tools....

    6. jamie: i'm using win xp :( and yes admit i haven't been burning/backup T_T however i had saved my bangkok trip pics (some) and can continue bloggin bout it when pc comes back! (toremon sure happy.. she's been waitin on it long time... T_T i got 1 fan sob sob) i am using free anti virus avg T_T

      uncle: u smart leh..back up online.. i must learn from u! smarter now n can't cry over splilled milk. My big fault for not backuping n more careful.

      Toremon: Don't worry my doc is my bf. He tried to save my hardisk.. which yeah still can be use but the files are completely wiped out. He said it's virus.. bcoz if hardisk fail/ko still can save files/data but it's complete empty. It's being reformatted now installin all the stuffs.. and i need buy adobe photoshop T_T edit pics... guess u gona say this is worst than watching hk sitcoms!! hhhaha to make up for it i'll send u some cute swaps alright!

    7. don't use vista. slow like F@@@# only. xp still better, am thinking of reformatting my laptop and change to xp again. worried no support later only.

      yalah, back up to online lah, facebook kah, gmail kah, picasa kah, all foc mah. only problem arises when they want to charge :((

    8. Jamie...ouch vista and like everyone they get stuck with just the home version not the premium! and yes XP is better and with most businesses not willing to change to vista they might just support it for a while longer! The problem with Vista is they stuck people with this cheap ass version of it where unless you have premium nothing works or works right but vista is still open to all the attacks that XP is by viruses! now I have High speed I will be setting up a Linux computer and open office which will survive so much better! You almost need several computers depending on what your doing, even just surfing the net you need a Linux or mac no one is writing viruses yet for them!

    9. i don't know how to set on linux, otherwise, i would have.

      probably ask tammy to try first and then we do it too, how tammy?

    10. this is terrible. sorry to hear that. i know how u feel but then yr case was not as bad as mine towards end 2007. first my external hard disk died and followed by my laptop hard disk 3 week later ........ just when u thot u had a back-up


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