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  • Disaster Movie is a DISASTER


    This movie is a total disaster from my point of view. First of all it's as bad as "Meet the Spartans" and just too plain dumb. It could have been better like when it's based on a "Cloverfield" background, there should have been a super-camcorder that literally survive even from being eaten or smashed. I find the "Juno" part just too over-acted. My family don't even know what Juno. When I tried to explain they ask me "so why is it a popular movie?". Yea what's so popular about Juno? a pregnant teenager who's supposedly sacastically witty but did failed to understand "safe-sex". I also hate Hannah Montana. What's the deal with this under age motor mouth kid? Even kids at the age of 5 is loving her. Sorry I am not a Hannah Montana fan and obviously this movie don't too for killing "Hannah Montana" with a meteor rock (or some big rock from sky). Before Hannah really passed away, she kept coming back to life trying to promote herself and merchandise. This is what she says (in the movie):

    goodbye all my fans keep rockin... also remind your parents to pick up your official hannah montana lunchbox, hannah montana t-strainer, and hannah montana toilet paper, and be sure to do it in to my summer of montanic concert this wednsday eight seven central... and let me just say, those totally sexy, and utterly provocative pictures of me really done to myspace without my permission. but if you notice in those pictures, im wearing my new lite and sexy hannah montana lingerie now available at target...
    I find that hilarious because really she's just a commercialized disney character making lots of money. I prefer Bianca Ryan or Charice Pempengco. That Enchanted princess disgusts me. Why are they picking actors/actresses who overly-act the part? Don't get me wrong, I love comedies and I especially love spoof movies. Take Scary Movie for example? I love all it's series. Maybe what's lacking is ANNA FARIS! Anna Faris brought the charm out of the dumb in these movies.

    All said and done, there's a few "memorable quotes" u can use from watching this movie. My advice, don't watch it. If you really want to, go rent a video or something. However if u do watch, please close your eyes during the time where "rabies infected chipmunks" gnawing, chewing, chomping away Juno's back bones while Juno is still sacastically trying to say her last goodbyes and how much pain she is feeling because mygawd is that scene for real? it can give children nightmares!

    1 STAR! because it's so dumb, you might watch it to laugh at how dumb it is.


    1. hey! Meet the spartans is good alright if you've seen 300. Disaster movie is totally suck ass, it's not funny compared to scary movie. It isn't funny at all!

    2. miu,
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    3. Jamie... did you feel you had to punish yourself so you went to this movie knowing you can never get that time back!
      so if I had a large amount of alcohol and drugs and some brain surgery then I might find this funny?

    4. LOL.. meet the spartans in the msian cinema was cut so badly it didn't make any sense anymore.

      But what I like about meet the spartans is the them kicking brit into the pit of darkness hahaha..

      Scary movie still the best!

      Jamie: probably.. i am goin to stick my asss in cinemas for the lost time T_T glad to be back!

    5. the title and poster seems like a slapstick movie... wonder how it made across the globe (many lousy hollywood movies dont).

      taking yr advise :)


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