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My name is Tammy and I've been blogging for over 8 years now. I started blogging because I wanted to share my beauty hauls and lifestyle experiences. I'm also a pro-consumer, which is probably the fire in my life.

This blog is now happily written by the cutest couple you've ever seen. Gareth's Irish while I'm Malaysian. We met in the most unexpected way possible and since then have been in a loving relationship. He loves to eat, drink and try new exciting things (even extreme sports) while I love the quieter things in life, like spas, massages, shopping and beauty! But we have something in common, we both love travelling.
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A sexy horror film with a wicked sense of humor, JENNIFER’S BODY is about small-town high school student Jennifer (Megan Fox), who is possessed by a hungry demon. She transforms from being “high school evil” – gorgeous (and doesn’t she know it), stuck up and ultra-attitudinal – to the real deal: evil/evil. The glittering beauty becomes a pale and sickly creature always on the lookout for a meaty snack, and guys who never stood a chance with the heartless babe take on a new lustre for Jennifer in light of her insatiable appetite. Meanwhile, her lifelong best friend Needy (Amanda Seyfried), long relegated to living in Jennifer’s shadow, must step up to protect the town's young men, including her nerdy boyfriend Chip (Johnny Simmons).

The Star Online, in cooperation with 20th Century Fox, is giving you the chance to watch Jennifer’s Body in the cinema ahead of its nationwide release!

image link to Studio V map

To redeem your tickets, SMS your MyStar ID & IC number to 32088
(please make sure your IC number is updated in your MyStar profile)
using this code:

STAR <> REDEEM <> MyStar_ID <> IC Number

STAR REDEEM JACK09 821102052371

Please note that you will be charged RM0.50 for each successful entry. Normal telco charges apply.

Not a MyStar member yet? Sign up as a MyStar member now!

If you’re one of the first 55, an acknowledgement SMS will be sent back to you.

Next, turn up with your handphone at Studio V, The Star’s multimedia and interactive studio located at 1 Utama (New Wing) on October 27, 2009. Show us the acknowledgement SMS and your IC, and you’ll get a pair of complimentary tickets to go watch Jennifer’s Body. Do remember that redemption is on a first come, first served basis, and is for MyStar members only.

Redemption Details

Date : October 27, 2009 (Tuesday)
Time : 12.30pm - 3.30pm or while supplies last
Place : Studio V, 1 Utama (New Wing)

Screening Details:

Date : October 27, 2009 (Tuesday)
Time : 9.30pm
Place : Hall 4, Cathay Cineplex Damansara

Rules & Regulations
  1. The contest is open to all residents of Malaysia only.
  2. To qualify for a prize, however, a contestant must be a registered MyStar user and provide valid personal information (ie. New IC number and name as appears on the IC).
  3. Contestants may only submit one entry each. Multiple entries will be disqualified.
  4. One prize is allowed per contestant only.
  5. Prizes are not exchangeable for cash and the organizer reserves the right to exchange the prize with that of a similar value without prior notice.
  6. Staff of The Star Publications (Malaysia) Berhad, sponsors and their immediate families are not allowed to participate.
  7. Judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entertained.
  8. Judges will be from The Star Online.
  9. For enquiries, please e-mail contests@istar.com.my


  1. sounds awesome. thanks for the news miu! :D

  2. i so so so want to watch this movie too... and gona buy the dvd as well..coz.. u know .. =_= censor banyak nanti!

  3. oh.. I sent the sms and I got an reply!! do that mean I secure my two tickets already? Or I still need to go early to grab the ticket before the other do??

  4. miu, they so pandai, they wan ppl to collect at 12.30 to 3.30pm..wah lau, means i hav to drive to pj twice!! :(

  5. come to think of it, i re-read the conditions again n it seems really flaky.

    One one hand it says 1st 55 to get the sms and on the other it states while stocks last, base on first come first serve basis.

    To be safe, better show up early to collect the tix!

  6. doroshi: :( u try callin them to see if i can collect for u? but then need to show sms n ic :(

    not sure if they let ppl collect for them as well

  7. I think not only 55 members receive the confirmation sms lo.. I think they charge 50cents on everyone and so they send confirmation to everyone. then, on that day, those who queue after the 55th person will not get the ticket?? arghh..tat's mean v need to be there damn early to secure the tickets!!

  8. but quite confusing..

    If you’re one of the first 55, an acknowledgement SMS will be sent back to you.

    If not first 55, dun have ack sms (if i understand the statement they put)

    if they do this as $$ gimic (send everyone the sms, n only 1st 55 show up get)then i really gona complain about how unethical it is.. to consumer ministry.. this like get rich scheme only.. misleading info only.

  9. waaaahhhh.

    sounds fun.

    later do movie review if got time k miu?

  10. miu, i think it's a scam. i sent just now and also received a confirmation. imagine that 10 thousands people send, that is 5 thousand ringgit, less 55 tickets at 8 dollars (440 ringgit) - they will make a nett profit of 9560 !!! and how many people will bother to complain?? if we were taken for a ride, i think we should seriously whack them until kingdom come!! deal?? so, i see you on 27 noon? wanna grab lunch together? my treat.

  11. Thanks for the info. The screening date falls on my birthday, hehe :)

  12. d'Frog Prince:
    Ya lerr.. If they really do so, we must not give up our right, must complain!!!

    Are you going? I'll have training at One Utama that day (9am~6pm), thinking whether I can sneak out during lunch time to queue for the ticket lerrr...


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