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Facebook Dog Abuser! HATE U


trainin dog to stand!

he whack the dog off bcoz it didn't stand!

he's holding the dog by the neck up in the air!

 the dog got whack flying off!

This morning saw something so dam horrible on facebook. Videos has been circulating on this dog abuser who might be a Malaysian staying in OUG?! watch the video here to find out what's going on. I read that they're training this dog for competition and has won trophies but the method of training is.. omg?! look at the video! the dog gets punch/whack/slap/hold by it's neck for not obeying or doing well standing! I hope the SPCA/PAWS/Authorities HELP THE POOR DOG AND DO JUSTICE! This MAN NEEDS TO GET ROTAN IN JAIL for such harsh training!!! anyone knows this man or the dog or got any leads information leading to the arrest of them please let me know! =_=X!!! Check out MALAY MAIL ARTICLE ON THIS! (click here).

poor dog has to stand if not beaten

Suspect is said to be from Malaysia and staying in OUG driving a Wira. Amazing how people can get the information on facebook! The SPCA Singapore appealing for more information! Read below:

APPEAL FOR INFORMATION - dog abuse video

A case of horrific dog abuse has just surfaced on Facebook. The video can be viewed at http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1688604428314&comments&ref=m It is not clear at this time where the abuse occurred although the person who uploaded the video says she found it in a "pendrive" in Kuala Lumpur. We have alerted our contacts in Malaysia and we understand that they are trying to identify the abuser. The SPCA is appealing for information on the man in the video (see pictures). Please call 6287 5355 ext 9 if you have any information. Please share this post to pass the message. We would like to thank concerned members of the public who brought this case to our attention. We hope that the persons involved will be identified soon so that firm action can be taken and justice served.


  1. the bf n gf should be burn alive!!! rotan they won't learn anything...

  2. what the hell is wrong with these people??!!! should torture them slowly til they die!! *fatin cursing insanely!!*

  3. this ah beng and ah lian are just so horrid! they better go into hiding cos the whole world is looking for them!

  4. this wacko, if i'd seen them around, feels like punching them "sampai mati"! the authorities shud do something bout this. be it a dog or a cat, or any animals, this is just soooo sick!

  5. I am like... tak sampai hati to watch the pic.. or the vid... felt like he is abusing a child too..


    poor little dog...

  6. On food, this is really something I'd like you to discuss with the dog's veterinarian because the sister dog does have a medical issue. I can tell you that I have had this issue with my own dog. He has allergies and has been on a variety of specialty foods over the years, not all of them very appealing to him, and we have had food strikes.


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