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Royce 50% Discount on Christmas Sets


Royce Chocolate Haul

As I was walking in the Tropics Shopping Center with my boss, I saw Royce chocolate shop from afar and decided to go after it. Note I use the word after coz I am currently very emo and need chocolates to calm me down. Something caught my eye as I was walking to the shop, a 50% off sign! *walks faster*. Never in my Royce eating life did I see them having discounts! It turns out they're clearing their Christmas sets which will expire in a few more months. I think it's fair to have 50% right now, even better if 70% a month b4 expiry haha.

Christmas sets from rm49 to rm229 (normal price)
(L) Kids Xmas Set in Tin RM129 (np)
(R) Kids Chocobolo RM49 (np)

I like this Christmas Set RM64.90 (np rm129)

Royce Chocolate & Biscuits in the tin!

I like the RM129 Christmas Set, it has a really awesome metal tin packaging which I can keep my trinkets in it. There's lots of assorted Royce Chocolates and Cookies in it and a cake? I tried a few of the chocolates and it's very sugary! >_< but nevertheless nice because Royce is from Japan and it is quite popular. Buaya Wing loves them, she asked me to help buy the chocoballs set for her which is RM24.50 after discount. Going to bring it this Sunday for desserts time after my Thai Birthday Dinner at Kinnaree Thai Restaurant, Jaya One.


  1. wow discount until when? tropic shopping mall is which 1? damansara perdana ter? i saw the sign board but dunno where ><

  2. The one next to damansara intan one. Until it's all sold out coz this tin set was the last two there. Theres other sets available. I'm not sure if its just this shop

  3. woo... will check it out tis week... thx ya ^^


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