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How to Register a PayPal Account for Online Shopping?


I smell Christmas this morning!

Fresh back from the land of smiles, yes you guess it right Bangkok. I touched down Kuala Lumpur yesterday night via MAS. It's been some time since I sat in MAS plane! how good it feels. I thought I had done all the Christmas shopping I can do there but who can resist LUSH Christmas? Just drooling over their gift sets and dreaming about receiving them, I hop on to the Christmas Online Shopping bandwagon the minute I reached home. Call me crazy.

 Lush Singapore is the nearest to us Malaysia

and guess what? free shipping over sdg$200!

I'm sure a lot of us crazy beauty-holics want some Lush this Christmas, but how do we get hold of it since there's no Lush Malaysia? (why??? I'm still asking this question). The nearest Lush to us is Lush Singapore and there's no way I would go all the way just to buy Lush (maybe I would but...). So the only way? shop online and have it deliver free to my doorsteps! A question my readers always pose, how do I buy beauty products from online and pay for it?


wait for it...

my preferred way to shop online & on mobile

online shopping made easy

PAYPAL of course! :D and it's FREE

Contrary to the common believe that it's troublesome to use paypal or that we need to pay fees, if you're only going to shop online PayPal is free to register! It's also easy and simple plus  you get refunds if your eligible purchases didn't arrive or wasn't as it's stated. No bad person is going to scam you online as well because your credit card/bank information is protected by PayPal.

  • It's free to open a PayPal account - there are no monthly charges or cancellation fees. Plus, you'll enjoy other benefits and services that come with it.
  • Keeping you safer - If an eligible item doesn't arrive, or is significantly different to how it was described, you shouldn't have to pay for it. With our Buyer Protection, we help resolve any issues involving eligible purchases.
  • Shopping made easier - Simply add a credit/debit card to your PayPal account and you can start shopping in minutes. With PayPal, you can skip entering your card details every time you shop.

PayPal is accepted worldwide. I've been using this for all my international shopping purchases for the sites below, some of them have free shipping for purchases over x amount:

  • The Body Shop - adorable Christmas gifts!
  • Lush - bath bombs, angels on bare skin I love Lush!
  • Steam Cream - Japan steam cream moisturizer *must try*
  • Reebonz - branded handbags anyone?
  • Kwerkee - urban cool lifestyle products
  • Etsy.com - handmade, crafts, supplies
  • E-bay - anything u can imagine is there, cheaper!
  • Zalora - fashion, accessories, etc
  • GMarket Korea - Korean skincare & beauty products
  • Luxola - online cosmetics & beauty store (Singapore)

So now you have a list of sites you can start shopping from anywhere and at anytime. Even on your bed just like what I did yesterday night on Lush Singapore's website before I go to sleep. Here's a tutorial guide on registering your PayPal account on www.paypal.com.my!

- click on any sign up button to get started -

select your country/region & click Personal

fill up your details
click the agree & create account button

 enter the security code

link your bank/credit card details
(mandatory for payment security)

fill up your credit card or debit card details

 you'll receive e-mail activation notice
just click activate my account

and congratulations! you've PayPal now!

for new PayPal members, u get free shipping & free gift

need any help? click here

Hope you find my tutorial guide on how to register a PayPal account helpful? Now you can shop online with peace of mind :) I'll be blogging about my Christmas Shopping on Lush Singapore website next round! just to show you how you can shop for Lush online without needing to travel or ask for a friend's help. You can even start your own beauty spree and have your friends join in. Be sure to note that for Christmas Online Shopping there will be early cut off dates for block out periods (holiday) and for your delivery to reach you before Christma! so get shopping now!


  1. Hi tammy, i'm Jess and we met at the hada labo event last time.
    Nice to meet u and u hv a great blog :D

    1. Hi Jess!! oh yes u beautiful tall girl T^T I remember u..................................... *envy*

      Thx for the compliment!!! <3

  2. I love Paypal. It was my means to my shopping addict when I was in the UK. Seriously makes shopping online so much easier

    1. I still remember my first time was because I wanted to purchase Stila Cosmetics from ebay & so far :) no problems......with pay pal... i love i ttoo

    2. eBay is evil! It has SO much good stuff haha

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