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A day in a life of a Miu


today i was at Pos Malaysia HQ (near Daya Bumi)

this place is so old bring backs memories

the Pos2020 shop, my 2nd time comin here

Setemku/My Stamps - Personalized stamps!

Something at the Post Malaysia office caught my attention. My last visit here there was a stamp collector's booth at this corner but now it's gone replaced by banners. The banners looks interesting. Further staring at it, I realize it's a "Make Your Own Stamp" program called "My Stamp/Setemku". How cool is that? but then upon reading the program, it's not really our pictures on the stamps itself. They have 4 basic stamp designs already for that, any picture u want is an "attachment" next to it (I don't think your personalized stamps can be mailed alone).

the 4 basic template

sample of the stamp sheet (without your image yet in it)


“SetemKu” was issued by Pos Malaysia Berhad to cater for customers who want to feature their image during a special moment or occasion on stamps. These images together with the base stamp will form a valid postage stamp. “SetemKu” exclusively available in 4 designs and allows individual to commemorate special events such as:
  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Engagements
  • Mother’s day
  • Alumnis
  • Birthdays
  • Father’s day
  • Valentine’s day
  • Special announcements such as the birth of a new baby
  • Others
to read more about Setemku/My Stamps & how to purchase it click here.

I think this would make a nice and expensive Valentine's gift or or hey wedding favors? a collector's item u know. Your wedding picture on the stamps as wedding favors for your guests. Even better idea, post your wedding cards with these stamps on it and impressed your guests! No Pos Malaysia did not pay me to advertise this =_= It's just something I saw that's too good to pass.

Oh before u wonder why I was at the Post Malaysia office today, it's because I needed to pay some bills and post some packages to girls. Then I went to Pos2020 shop to replenish my envelope stock. I needed to buy some DVD box as well (to send a certain Canadian guy something to watch). I saw this new thing (maybe not new, just i duno about it haha). It's called the security seal. Apparently the write up says it discourages unauthorized prying of mails and enhances the security and privacy of mails & parcels (really? my eyes wide open). Cool, so I bought a few to safeguard my packages.

while walkin 2 my next destination i see a film crew

and another one here with a news stand? (just for this film?)

I feel so thirsty when I bumped into this vending machine
(that I never saw before)

woah? cartoon description!

ah so nice the drinks in their cell blocks

my last destination - new courts complex at jln duta

I started this morning from the LHDN kampung atap stamp office, walk to pay bills at Daya Bumi @ Post Malaysia, then to OCBC Bank to withdraw FD, on to DBKL pay assessment bill, jump over to Bar Council's office to pay another bill, took a rm2 ride to the new courts complex @ jln duta to file some documents and then I went home to have lunch at 4pm. It's a hot day walking around, I hope i lose 10kg. That's all folks.


  1. a) are you printing the stamp to send the future wedding card to me?

    b) why only a certain canadian guy get to receive dvd, not certain malaysian guy?????

    c) where got wired people pay bill via post office some more? pay through internet and credit card lah :-

    1) you save time (going and q-ing)
    2) you save costs (petrol and tol)
    3) you save environment (less paper, less petrol = less pollution)
    4) you contribute less to corruption (no toll, no post office commission)
    5) you get points for using your credit card, can exchange for gifts
    6) you get "credit" - don't have to advanced money immediately, hahaha.

  2. haha bcoz it's for my office and we need the original printed on bill-receipt to claim for anything especially in litigation matters.

    old school lah :)

  3. hey hey don't jeles the canadian fella yah! uncle went to movies instead of watching from tube leh!

  4. setemku?? wow! it is new to me but RM500 for basic package price, I really cannot afford it. Why they dont have cheaper version,huh?

    Cekik Darah

  5. The stamps are so cute.. wanted to get it but its so expensive.... agree with karipapsayur.. they should have cheaper versions.... sigh...

  6. Jamie...pretty stamps also how come you get instructions on how to use the machine ours here you have to guess!
    And are you getting wedding stamps made??? Huh Huh
    Looks like a nice day getting outside and getting a good look around!

  7. Pos Malaysia sent a promo to my boss sometime mid last year if i'm not mistaken.. there's minimum order right? and quite expensive too! unless u want to print a set for safe keeping ok la. but to use, sayang la... :(


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