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Clarins Nude Inspiration


I was invited by Clarins KLCC to their Nude Inspiration launching on 10th September, 2009 at Clarin's Isetan KLCC, Kuala Lumpur. I was told that celebrities would be coming and that there will be a makeup demo and makeovers given on that day. Excited, I went home and planned all my work to be done in city so that I could drop by during lunch time to experience the new Clarin's Nude Inspiration @ Autumn/Winter Collection.

The event started with Michelle, Clarin's Make Up Artist Trainer @ Events Manager who introduced the new Clarin's Nude Inspiration Collection to the celebrities - Daphne Iking, Hannah Lo, Jojo Struys, Chelsea. All of them would be getting a makeover using this new collection! invited guests were also getting a makeover done in conjunction with the "Nude Inspiration" launch.

Daphne Iking getting a makeover from Clarins

Yummy food & drinks were being served to guests

Buaya Wing & Fatin collected their trial kits
from their "Power To Try" Workshop
which Clarins did for Plusizekitten's readers.

me & Fatin getting our makeovers done!

Shannon, makeup artist for Clarins doing my makeup

yay! how do I look?

Chelsea is also getting her makeup done!
(she's an actress and really pretty!)

the celebs posed for photos! :)

It was fun having our makeovers done. I was really happy with my makeover! simple, natural & enhances my features in a flash! I took lots of pics with the girls and with Clarin's management who were present. Really friendly people! I met Wendy the product manager, Amy the PR executive, Michelle whom I have been talking to recently (I recognized most of them from previous Clarins workshops). I also met Yet Mee founder & editor of Emmagem.com!

Don't miss this new collection girls! go check it out at the nearest Clarin's Counter & get your makeovers done! I know that most counters that I have been to are giving the complimentary makeovers. Do call in to check and to book for an appointment. Try their latest Nude Inspiration makeup collection! I've done mine at KLCC Isetan & Metrojaya Midvalley. The last I checked, the limited edition face & blusher duo powder is being snagged up so fast that it's now sold out at counters like Metrojaya Midvalley. The eyebrow kit "pro" palette is also as hot!

Concealer Stick RM88
Joli Rouge RM60

Color Quartet for Eyes: Nudes RM145

Face & Blush Duo Compact RM160

Single Eye Color RM60

Eyebrow Kit "Pro" Palette RM135

I was presented with a goodie bag when the event ended. Little did I know that the limited edition collector face & blush duo powder that I have been eying on during my makeover and of course leeming after it when Shannon demonstrated it's "magic" on my face, was inside the goodie bag! It was really kind & generous of Clarins to present to the invited guests & celebrities a bag each to take home! Thank you Clarins for making it my first limited edition collector's item from Clarins! I now owned 3 products from the latest Nude Inspiration collection which I can happily used. I am putting the rest of the items (especially the eyebrow kit "pro" palette on my wishlist).

Chic Oriental Pouch with 3 Nude Inspiration Collection Item

So girls! for the last 10-Days No Shopping Task, go get a complimentary Clarin's Nude Inspiration makeover done and post your pictures to me! (or blog it up!) If you're looking into owning the collection, start with the limited edition collector face & blush duo compact! You won't go wrong from there!

The new perfect two-tier palette comprised of a face powder (top) and a blush duo (bottom). Designed with sparkling gold ears of wheat, the soft, subtle powder and blush shades enhance the natural colors of the face. The ultra-fine, silky-soft textures leave an incredibly light veil on the skin. On top layer, the subtle beige of the face palette enhances the complexion with an even, luminous, natural veil. Underneath, the iridescent coral and satin chestnut tones of the blush duo add a hint of pretty and radiant color to the cheeks. It's being retailed for RM160 at Clarins Counter and I can't guarantee how long stocks will last!


  1. I love the way they do make up.. simple and beautiful.... YOu are beautiful Miu!!!!! *Pinch on cheek*

  2. Your blog is super, congratulations!!!


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